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In need of professional Arcadia plumbing services? When your home is facing an emergency water leak or sewage spill, call the experts at Mark Johnson Plumbing. We can provide you with quick and efficient solutions necessary for your home to get back in working order. Call us today at (318) 255-1332 to schedule a service visit, and click here to view our current specials and discounts.

Plumbing Services in Arcadia, LA

When your plumbing systems begin to experience failures and interruptions, your comfort at home and your routine can fall victim to the plumbing problems. At Mark Johnson Plumbing in Arcadia, LA, we can help resolve all manner of plumbing problems you face at your home.

Whether you require routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you can depend on our trained and certified plumbers for timely and effective plumbing service. Want to see what other residents of Arcadia have said about us? Click here to view our reviews page.

Why are plumbing services vital to your home?

It's impossible for us to live without water, and our home's plumbing systems are designed to ensure that we never have to do so. Plumbing systems supply our homes with the portable water that we depend on for everything from hydration to sanitation. Your daily routine can be noticeably hampered when one facet of your plumbing system fails. When the entire system suffers a debilitating failure, your home life may come to a screeching halt, as showering is no longer available and toilets fail to flush waste materials away.

What makes a burst pipe a plumbing emergency?

Water rushing from a burst pipe can quickly flood areas of your home, especially in sealed, subterranean areas. The water can inflict immediate damage to items affected by the flooding. Left unattended, flood water from a burst pipe can inflict serious property damage on your house itself, weakening the foundation or even warping the walls.

To make matters worse, an influx of saturation inside of your home can create a serious health hazard. Even water stemming from pure water sources can promote the growth of mold and other fungi in just a day's time.

What effects can plumbing emergencies have on your home?

Plumbing emergencies can bring the overall function of your home's pipe systems and plumbing fixtures to a halt. Leaks can rob your home's pipe system of pressure, diminishing water flow and detracting from the force with which your home's toilets flush. Plumbing emergencies can also inflict property damage, as leaky pipes or backed up plumbing fixtures saturate areas of your home.

Why would you need septic tank or sewer line treatment services?

Your sewer line and septic tank deliver waste materials away from your home. But they can bring some of the worst side effects to your home when they fall to erosion, cracks and clogs. A yard flooded with sewage is the most obvious and dramatic sign that your home's sewer line and septic tank requires immediate attention, but the prevalence of clogs and backed up fixtures could indicate that a problem has occurred or is building. Sewage spills in your yard can lead to horrid smells and damage to the lawn if left unattended long enough. The spill can also spread to encompass the sidewalk or even other homes in the neighborhood.

Don't let your home fall to a plumbing emergency! Contact us at (318) 255-1332 for maintenance and repair services as soon as you notice a problem developing within your home's plumbing system.