Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention


Discolored WaterDiscovering discolored water coming from your faucet can be an unnerving experience for any homeowner. The most common water discolorations are yellow, blue-green, and blue. Luckily, all of these discolorations have known causes, can be fixed, and can be prevented from recurring in the future with our plumbing services.

What are the causes?

Yellow water is the most common water discoloration noticed coming from pipes. Yellow water can be caused by water remaining stagnant in the pipes, and allowing a concentration of iron and manganese to build up over time. Yellow water discoloration can also be a sign that your home is outfitted with outdated, rusty and galvanized pipes. The most dangerous water discoloration which is green-blue water, is commonly associated with deteriorating copper pipes or brass fittings, and allowing trace amounts of copper to mix into your water supply. Lastly, blue water is a symptom of a leaky toilet tank, which allows mixing with your regular water supply.

How can it be fixed?

Yellow water discoloration caused by stagnation can be fixed by allowing water to run through the pipes for several minutes, thus diluting the iron and manganese build up. If, however, you have allowed the water to run for several minutes and it is still yellow, or the water is blue-green, schedule a plumber to come to your home at your earliest convenience. These are symptoms that your pipes need to be replaced, a task that only a licensed plumber should perform. If the water discoloration is blue, you will also need to call a plumber to either repair or install a new toilet tank.

How do I prevent it?

You can prevent these issues from recurring with basic home maintenance. Periodically check the condition of your toilet tanks, and if you notice a crack, be proactive and have a plumber fix it immediately. If your home is older, be vigilant and ask a plumber to replace all galvanized and copper pipes in your home. Replacing all the pipes at one time will prevent you from replacing them section by section over time and will give you better peace of mind. Ingesting copper over a long period can lead to kidney and liver damage and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

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