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A clogged toilet is an extraordinarily frustrating situation because it has the tendency to grind life to a halt. People will worry about flushing the toilet and the potential repercussions such a simple act could bring. If there is only the single toilet available in the home, this can really hamper daily life and your comfort within your own home. If you need help with your clogged toilet, trust the experts that residents of Ruston, LA have been trusting since 1997. Click here to see reviews and testimonials from some of these residents.

What can cause clogged toilets?

Clogged toilets are caused by a buildup of foreign matter that is not able to be dissolved. They tend to consist of flushed feminine hygiene products that are insoluble with water, excessive clogs of toilet paper that have gotten thicker over time, and body hair.

All of these foreign particles will stick to the sides of the pipes or stick together to form a mass that is too large to easily go through the system. They will then get stuck and not allow the water to flow through the system either.

What solutions do we offer?

The most common professional solution is to use a tool called a snake to loosen the clog. The snake is a long, metallic stick that is able to fit through the twists and turns of the pipe to locate the clog and then either manually remove it, break it down into smaller bits so that it is able to go through the pipe, or push it through the system further, where the flow of water is stronger. A camera can also be attached to the end of the snake that will give visibility to particularly stubborn clogs, allowing them to be removed with greater ease.

How can you avoid clogs in the future?

The easiest way to avoid a clogged toilet is to set some simple ground rules regarding what can be flushed down the toilet and what cannot be flushed. The only things that should ever see the drain of a toilet is the paper that has been specifically designed to be flushed and to break down as soon as possible after coming into contact with water. Setting rules with regards to what is able to be flushed and what cannot be flushed makes it much easier to decrease the chances that clogs will form.

Another easy way to prevent clogs is to simply pour a pan of hot water into the toilet and flush it. The hot water will loosen any particles that might be sticking to the walls and generally allow the contents of the toilet to flow more smoothly. This process can be completed once or twice a month to keep a toilet in working condition.

Using chemicals that are specifically designed to loosen clogs is another option. Finally, using an old fashioned plunger can do a great deal of work in loosening a clog.

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