Ruston Hydrojetting Services

Have a clogged drain that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Invest in the most efficient method of drain cleaning! Get the top Ruston hydrojetting services. Call Mark Johnson Plumbing at (318) 255-1332 and learn about the services we can offer you. Click here to view our current specials and discounts.

Hydrojetting services in Ruston, LA

You may have bought a plumbing snake and industrial chemicals to clear out your pipes, but the water still flows slowly down the shower or sink drains. Not all plumbing clogs are solved with these basic tools. There could be a more serious clog further down the piping that's difficult to reach.

At Mark Johnson Plumbing, we excel at removing difficult clogs with gentle care for your pipes thanks to our hydrojetting technology. Want to see what your neighbors are saying about us? Click here to view reviews and testimonials.

What exactly is hydrojetting?

Similar to a power washer wand, hydrojetting uses high-pressure water to clear out pipes. Although water doesn't seem powerful enough to remove difficult clogs, the water is under extreme pressure and funneled into a narrow stream.

The process begins with the plumbers placing the hydrojet hose into your piping at a specific point. They turn the system on low initially to avoid any spill-back from the clog. Pressure is slowly increased to high to completely remove any built-up residues along the pipes. You should notice a significant difference in water flow after our hydrojetting processes.

Why would your home need hydrojetting services?

Your bathrooms are prone to clogs with hair, shampoo and toothpaste as main culprits. Here at Mark Johnson Plumbing we can pinpoint your issue with a basic service call and a fair labor charge. However, the kitchen is often the biggest plumbing problem with grease and food particles lining the pipes.

If your garbage disposal isn't helping your water flow down the drain, you need Mark Johnson Plumbing to evaluate your pipes. Although clogs could be in the U-shaped drain beneath the sink, they are often farther down the plumbing.

What are some advantages to hydrojetting?

  • One of the main benefits to hydrojetting is reduced chemical use. Chemicals don't remove all clog particles, unlike hydrojetting's thorough process. The high-pressure water removes everything along the pipe's walls.
  • You can also expect to save money by working with us and choosing hydrojetting as your drain cleaning method. Our labor rates are much lower because of the reduced work involved with hydrojetting.
  • You won’t have to rely on a trenching method to fix the pipe. Hydrojetting can remove a clog long before any damage even begin to takes place.
  • Our inspections are far more thorough. We can find hairline cracks with hydrojetting by evaluating walls with camera technology after removal.

What kinds of drain or sewer line problems does hydrojetting solve?

Aside from making all sinks and showers drain faster, hydrojetting also keeps your main line free from debris build-up. A clogged main line running under your front yard can be expensive to repair if it cracks from particle build-up. During a hydrojetting service call, we can also see if any leaks occur. A crack that you didn't know about could be repaired before becoming a major burst underground, in walls or along the ceiling. Mark Johnson Plumbing recommends a thorough hydrojetting at least once a year.

Mark Johnson Plumbing is here for all of your plumbing and hydrojetting needs in and around the Ruston, LA area. Contact us at (318) 255-1332 with any questions or concerns.