Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Tips for Best Results

Is your kitchen or your bathroom lost in another decade? Has your family grown over the years? Is your home old, so the layout of your kitchen and bathroom seem tailor-made for another generation?

Do you chronically feel like there isn’t enough storage space?

These are all great reasons to undertake a bathroom or kitchen remodel (or both).While the rewards can be big, there is a lot of planning involved to make sure that your project goes off without a hitch.

Here are some of our staff tips on how to get the best results out of your remodel.

Plan Step by Step

Step one is to set up your budget.

This will ultimately dictate a lot of things about your project: scope, size, kind of finishes and the number of upgrades.

Always leave extra room in your budget, just in case.time

Figure out the timeline. If you are doing a small bathroom, you may assume that a small space will take little time.

You may think the opposite about a large kitchen.

It may take longer to order certain items, for instance, which could stretch a project out.

Undergoing a remodel can temporarily put your home life in upheaval, and you’ll want to know what to expect.

Decide on your décor and fixtures and piece them together to make a cohesive look. Don’t forget about shelving and storage (storage is extra important in small spaces).

Lighting is important too. Pay attention to natural light and when and where it falls in your kitchen or bathroom. Light fixtures can play a dual role as cool focal points in a room.

Unearth Hidden Problems with Plumbing

When you are in the process of upgrading your fixtures, upgrade your plumbing at the same time. Make sure that there have been no leaks in the past that have caused water damage to the walls.

Also, ensure that your planned changes and additions work with the plumbing that you’ve got. You’ll want to consult your contractor to make sure that your intended design works well. If not, you need to plan around it.

Hire the Very Best Help

What’s even better than a contractor who has experience?

A contractor who takes enormous pride in their work and is happy to share pictures of his work and testimonials from satisfied customers with

When selecting your professional, ask lots of questions.

Do they have specific experience in your particular job? What do they require in the way of fee schedule?

What are the usual work hours? What is the policy for onsite bathroom use and cleanup after the remodel is done?