Ruston New Construction Plumbing Services

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New Construction Plumbing Services in Ruston, LA

In new construction, a well designed and implemented plan is crucial for a problem-free plumbing system. Our services are designed to do just this, and to take the stress of your part away. We understand how complex plumbing installations can be, so we make sure we involve our customers as much as possible so they can know everything that is going on. If you’d like to see what some of these customers have said, click here to view reviews and testimonials.

The plumbing system itself consists of three core components: the drainage system, the fixture or appliance set, and the water supply system. Regarding most communities, it takes an expert licensed plumber to install plumbing, or at least work under a pro plumber who can oversee and approve your work. Too many times, homeowners attempt to do their own DIY plumbing, and inevitably end up calling on us to rescue them.

How do local codes affect the installation?

Local area codes will generally dictate standard plumbing practices. However, when it comes to proper fixture placement in new home construction, both the pipe size and routing diagram is primarily based on the home’s unique layout.

Timetable for installation

  • Prior to pouring the concrete foundation, sewer accommodation stubs are put in place, with the bulk of the plumbing installation occurring somewhat later down the road. Rough-in plumbing, which happens alongside the duct and wiring installation phase, occurs once the framing is finished, but prior to hanging drywall. At this point, it’s an ideal time for main drain installation in floors and attaching them to the stack.

Plumbing fixtures

  • Since they’re typically too big to set once the doorways and walls are framed, tubs and shower units are generally set prior to framing the walls. Because more construction needs to occur, we choose to cover the fixtures with clean cardboard, rugs, or blankets in order to protect them from nicks and scratches. Our team sets and connects commodes and sinks last, upon completing the walls and floor installation.

Plumbing and the water supply system

  • The primary pressurized water supply line comes into the home below the frost line, and then divides into two separate lines; one connects to the home’s water heater while the other supplies cold water. From that point, the two lines supply both cold and hot water to each appliance or fixture. A few homes incorporate a water supply manifold system that includes blue valves on one side, and a large panel containing red valves on the other side. Each valve is responsible for controlling an individual cold or hot tube which supplies the water to each fixture. Utilizing a manifold system makes it very easy to simply shut off the water supply to each individual fixture without the need for shutting the water supply off for the entire home.

Vent pipes

  • Without a steady supply of air, water locks can eventually form in drainpipes, which can produce clogs. Therefore, all drains need proper ventilation. However, a single vent, typically installed behind the sink, can supply additional appliances and fixtures that are connected within just 10-feet of a main drain line. Vent pipes that are usually 2 in. across in diameter, connect to the attic’s vent-and-soil stack. When a fixture is located too far from a main vent, it will need another vent pipe that either connects to the stack or exits out the home’s roof separately – based on the home’s unique layout.

Drainage pipes

  • A central vent-and-soil stack that’s usually 4 in. across in diameter runs in a vertical fashion from under the ground floor to beyond the roofline. Waste drains are connected to the stack, guiding waste down to the chief sewer drain that exits out the house below the frost line and then connects to either a personal septic system or into the city’s sewer system.

We take all local codes into consideration when we’re conducting new construction projects. We not only make sure all local codes are followed, we make sure our plumbers are clean, respectful, and embody our family-oriented business approach.

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