Ruston Sewer Line Repair Services

You, and other residents of the area, depend on your sewer line to pull waste away from your home. When your sewer line begins to malfunction the effects can be seen on the drains throughout your home. For the best Ruston sewer line repair services, call the professionals at Mark Johnson Plumbing. Dial (318) 255-1332 today and see what we can do for your home. Click here to view the current specials and discounts that you can take advantage of.

Sewer Line Repair Install Service Ruston, LA

Depending on your sewer line to keep your drains clear of waste has become something that most of us don’t even think about. In fact, more often than not when we get called out to this job the customer is not even aware of what’s going on until we let them know. Prevent your drain problems from becoming worse with services from our professional plumbers. Call us today to schedule your service, or click here to see reviews and testimonials from previous services.

What can cause problems for your sewer lines?

Sewer problems are never pleasant. The odor, the backup, and the inefficiency of the toilets are only symptoms; the problems can typically be traced down to a few basic causes.

  • The first is often an object clogging the sewer; people who flush too much toilet paper or a child who flushes random objects into the line can cause it to clog and back up.
  • Another cause is general deterioration of the line; if a sewer pipe has been in use for many years, it might have broken down due to the elements, or even to potential roots that run across it.

Is it time to repair your sewer lines?

When a sewer line has problems, you should get them repaired as quickly as possible. Even a minor issue can quickly turn into something that is time consuming and very costly if not handled soon. The first sign you'll usually notice is a toilet that doesn't seem to flush properly; because toilets have the largest drain lines in the entire home, a major issue will typically show itself there first. However, the shower and the sink also drain into the same areas, and may suffer backups and slow drainage issues as well. The washing machine may also be a place where the water will back up. If you detect any of these problems, contact a professional quickly before the sewer line issue becomes a major disaster.

What is our professional method of repair?

The main repair method we use in order to get down to your pipe is excavation. When excavating, the area around the damaged pipe is dug up in order to repair the damage. There are many benefits associated with this service including:

Accuracy - By excavating around the damaged pipe, our plumbers are able to make repairs at the source of the issue, and also inspect the piping as a whole. This gives us the opportunity to remedy not only the damaged pipe, but also any other issues that may be in the surrounding area.

Prevention - One major issue that can easily damage sewer lines is shifting soil. By excavating to repair sewer lines, our plumbers can not only repair the issue, but also pack the soil back in a way that can prevent future damage from shifting soil. Additionally, we will inspect the surrounding area to ensure that there is nothing that will pose a risk to your sewer lines in the future.

Longevity - While trench-less sewer repairs are a good solution for patches, they can sometimes turn into temporary fixes. By replacing entire sections of damaged piping, you can rest assured knowing that the job is done in a sturdy and professional manner. New sections of pipe can also increase efficiency and longevity of your sewer lines as a whole.

How can you prevent problems in the future?

The easiest way to prevent sewer line problems is to have regular inspections performed by a professional company. Keep an eye on your children and ensure too much toilet paper is not flushed at once, and try to avoid large objects or chemicals such as grease to go down the drains. Mark Johnson Plumbing is happy to perform your inspections and help to maintain your sewer lines. If you have any problems or suspect you might soon have an issue with your sewer line, contact us today. Don't let something small become a big issue.

Call us today at (318) 255-1332 and let us take care of your sewer line repair needs. Our professionals can handle the job quickly and efficiently.