Ruston Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

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Sewer Line Replacement in Ruston, LA

When you use the water in your home, the waste and excess water goes into your sewer line and then into the septic tank. The sewer line is an important part of having a healthy and well-functioning home. If there are issues with this line, this could cause a lot of problems for you, your home and your family. In many cases, a broken sewer line can also cause an unsanitary situation within the home if there is any waste backup coming back up from the line. There are many things you might want to know concerning the sewer line in your home, but you can contact our experts here at Mark Johnson Plumbing in Ruston, LA if you're having any issues with it.

What are some typical causes for sewer line problems?

Sewer line problems can be caused by a range of different things. Many people find that large clogs within the line itself can cause problems with sewage backing up into the house. If there is a leak in the line itself, this can cause pooling and flooding underneath the home and in the yard. Another thing that could cause sewer line problems is if the line itself has been damaged in any way, such as a large truck running over it in the yard.

How can you recognize if it’s time to repair your sewer lines?

There are a few different signs that you'll want to look out for if you suspect that you're having issues with the sewer line. One immediate sign is if you're getting backup in the home. You might flush the toilet and it backs up into the tub, or you might take a shower and the water backs up underneath the toilet. You might also notice some flooding in the yard itself, and this could be the result of a broken sewer line.

What repair methods do our technicians use?

The first thing that our experts can do to evaluate the problem is to use special video camera equipment that is specifically designed to go down a sewer line. This can look out for any clogs to prevent any unnecessary cutting into the line. If the line itself has been crushed or needs to be replaced, we will then be able to easily replace the line in the exact spot where the problem happens to be. Our professionals will be able to provide these services to you when it is most convenient for you and your loved ones.

What can you do to avoid problems in the future?

Preventing problems can be a good way to not have to deal with sewer line problems at all in the future. If you are dealing with clogs, you can prevent these from happening by avoiding putting too many things down the drain that shouldn't be going there. If you are having work done in the yard, make sure to tell your workmen to avoid the area that your sewer line happens to be to avoid having it crushed.

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