Ruston Water Filtration System Services

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Water Filtration Services in Ruston, LA

An increasing number of consumers are drinking bottled water, believing that it is better for them than tap water is and loving the convenience of being able to grab a bottle on the go. However, many do not realize that bottled water is actually monitored less by the United States Environmental Protection Agency than municipal tap water is. We recommend considering a home water filtration system. These systems provide a variety of benefits while saving consumers a considerable amount of money. We depend on the opinions of our customers, so take a look at what they're saying about us here in our reviews page.

How can your home benefit from one of these systems?

  • Cheaper: When compared to purchasing bottled water over the course of a year or two, the cost of a home water filtration system is much cheaper. The majority of the money spent is seen initially for parts and setup, but you’ll soon save more than what you spent on it by not having to buy bottled water.
  • Environmentally friendly: In the same way, home systems are far more environmentally friendly because they do not create any waste in landfills. The millions of plastic bottles from bottled water that end up in landfills each year take hundreds of years to decompose.
  • No harsh chemicals: Although municipal water is controlled by the EPA, there are still a variety of chemicals that are added to the water that can create bad flavors. Some of the chemicals that are in tap water are actually dangerous to humans’ health. Some are cancer-causing carcinogens and others are chemicals that can cause problems with natural hormone levels.

What are the different types of filtration systems you can install?

There are literally dozens of brands of home filtration systems that we can install. Although those used for large companies may rely on technology such as deionization, mechanical filtration or ultraviolet radiation, home systems typically rely on two major filtration types.

Carbon Based

  • The first uses carbon, either as a carbon block or as granulated activated carbon. Carbon bonds with a variety of chemicals and water pollutants. They all remove chlorine and help the water taste better; some can also remove chemicals such as arsenic, fluoride and nitrates.

Reverse Osmosis System

  • Another common type of filtration that you may want installed in your home is reverse osmosis. These systems use a special filter that can remove many chemicals that cannot be removed by granulated carbon. However, chlorine and volatile organic chemicals are left behind. Many people prefer the taste of reverse osmosis water because it is very crisp and clear.

Filtration systems can differ based on the customer’s needs. We often install under-cabinet systems that are hidden beneath the kitchen sink. A whole-house system will create clean drinking water for every faucet, giving our customers peace of mind.

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