What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

The development of new products and methods over the years has been astounding. From the old days of an outside toilet, a well for drinking water and having to take a bath in a tin tub with warm water the change has been astounding. In addition to having modern plumbing and the convenience of piped in water and comfortable bathrooms, there has been accompanying methods of keeping modern water systems running smoothly. One of these advancements has been the development of hydrojetting.

Hydrojetting is a method of clearing and maintaining modern sewer lines. When a sewer line problem occurs, a company will send a highly trained and experienced plumber to make an inspection. Their primary step is to use a camera to identify the area of the pipe that is plugged and determine what is causing the problem

Hydrojetting is done by the technician who inserts a hose, with a special cleaning head, that will send more than 4000 psi of pressure to scour the blockage. This blockage is often caused by tree roots, grease, debris accidentally flushed down the toilet and other such things.

Hydrojetting Grease

One thing that often causes blockage in a sewer pipe is grease. This usually comes from being poured into the sink drain. Some soap is also very greasy and forms a hard ball, which attaches to the side of the pipe and mixes with other debris.

Hydrojetting Roots

Roots are a familiar blockage of sewer pipes. They may come from trees, shrubs and plants. Over the years, these roots spread and push against the pipe until they make a small hole, enter and block the pipe. Hydrojetting is much more effective for this purpose than rotor rooting.

Hydrojetting Debris

Ruston PlumberTo keep the water system working smoothly, in any type of residence or building, it is important to engage only companies who have highly trained plumbers experienced in this type of work. They will be licensed, insured and bonded and be able to work quickly and efficiently to remove any accumulated debris.

Using hydrojetting to clear a sewer line is cost effective. It has been found that hydrojetting will keep the line clear four times longer than when rooter services are used. It does not just punch a hole through the middle of the blockage but actually scours to the sides of the pipe. This allows the drainage to flow smoothly at all times and reduces maintenance costs.

Thoroughly cleaning the entire sewer line in this this manner eliminates the nuisance of toilet or sink overflows and other water problems that occur when the line becomes blocked.

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