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Mark Johnson’s Bingo On-The-Go

Mark Johnson's Bingo On-The-Go

Join us in a Bingo competition! We want you to win BIG prizes by playing Bingo! Here's how you play:

Find our trucks in various cities (the cities are the Bingo squares)

Cross off the city squares when you spot our trucks in the associated cities.

Once you have a Bingo, take a picture and email it to to enter our prize raffle.

Mark J - Bingo Cards (ShreveportBossier) (1)

Play BINGO and win some great grillin' Summertime fun from our friends at TP Outdoors.


How to Play Bingo On-The-Go With Mark Johnson & Sons:

Download and Print Bingo Card

Download and print out the Bingo card that is closest to where you reside.

Find Us On-The-Go

Look for our trucks and technicians while you're On-The-Go. When you see a truck or a technician, mark of the city where you saw us on your Bingo Card!

Send Us Your Bingo Card

Once you have a Bingo, take a picture of your Bingo Card and email it to to enter our prize raffle!

Join Our Facebook Live to See if You Win

This will be running from June 1st - July 12th. Join us on our Facebook Live on July 19th to see the raffle and win!

Mark J - Bingo Cards (ShreveportBossier) (1)

Don't miss out on our Bingo Prizes!

Join our 6-week Bingo game with amazing prizes! Download and print to participate today!

All Bingo cards are due the morning of July 12th.