About Mark Johnson Plumbing

Work with industry leading professionals in Ruston, LA! If you’re looking for trustworthy plumbers, call (318) 255-1332 and we will dispatch a technician to your home to handle your most urgent plumbing issues. Click here to view our current specials and discounts.

About Mark Johnson Plumbing in Ruston, LA

Mark Johnson Plumbing is a full service plumbing company dedicated to serving the residents of Ruston, LA and other surrounding areas. Since starting our company in 1997, we’ve attempted to improve the experience of all of our customers. Whether it’s by adding new services, or by adding specials that they can take advantage of, we believe that constantly improving our business is the best way to stay relevant in the minds of our loyal customers. Between our 11 employees, we always have someone ready to solve any problem. Our five technicians are always on a job, making sure our client's problems are getting solved as quickly as possible.

What can you expect with every service call?

Know exactly who’s at your door!

We make sure our technicians always have our uniform with our logo on it. With dangerous people trying to prey on unsuspecting victims, it’s always good to know that you’re going to be receiving someone who can identify themselves. The first sign that’ll let you know our technician is at your door is their uniform.

Technicians that won’t make a mess in your home

Whether we’re working inside or outside of your home, we’ll never make a mess and leave it for you to clean up. Too many companies simply focus on the job and not the effects of what they’re doing. Although you’ll be pleased with a successful installation or repair, having mud or dirt tracked through the home can quickly sour the good feeling. Our technicians wear shoe covers, preventing them from tracking dirt into the home. You’ll enjoy your successful project all while not having to deal with any excess dirt or mess.

Live answering no matter when you call!

Sometimes we’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to plumbing problems at the most unfortunate of times. A toilet can have a delayed clog at 3 in the morning causing the water to back up and leading to flooding within the home, or you can be awoken by the sound of water running down your home thanks to a burst pipe. No matter what plumbing emergency you’re staring down, and no matter what time, we’re here with live help. We have our representative waiting by the phone for your call, and our technicians are eager to take on the challenge of helping your home.

Work with a family-owned and customer oriented business!

With every company trying to grow by spending more on marketing and doing everything they can to expand their reach, sometimes focus is lost on what allowed them to grow in the first place. Here at Mark Johnson Plumbing we believe that if we want to continue being successful, we have to stay true to our roots. We provide our customers with friendly and attentive service that will be specifically designed for your needs.

Experienced and licensed journeymen plumbers

In order to provide you with some of the best and most reliable service, we make sure all of our technicians are certified as journeymen plumbers. With their years of experience and education, we’re confident that we have some of the best plumbers in the industry.

Ready to work with a company that’s keeping true to their roots? Call Mark Johnson Plumbing! We’re ready and eager to work with you, so dial (318) 255-1332 today and connect with us!