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Are You Tired of Dealing with Hard Water?

Many people in Ruston have hard water. While not unsafe, hard water puts an extra strain on your pipes, plumbing appliances, your clothes, and even your hair and skin. Because of this, many people have elected to have water softeners installed in their homes.

The plumbers at Mark Johnson Plumbing have been serving the local community for over 20 years. We are committed to providing our clients with top-quality water softening services at a reasonable rate, and we can help you too. We are proud members of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) as well as the Quality Service Contractors Association (QSC), and our work is guided by tenets of honesty and integrity.

Are you tired of fighting scale buildup in your home? Installing a water softener may be right for you. Call us at 318-319-0220.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Did you know that the term “hard water” is in reference to the difficulty, or “hardness,” you experience when washing with certain water? If your water is “hard,” soap is prevented from lathering, making washing more challenging.

Some common problems associated with hard water include:

  • Dingy laundry
  • The need to use more soap and fabric softeners when doing laundry
  • Itchy scalp and dull, unmanageable hair
  • Scale buildup in your fixtures and pipes
  • Spotting on dishes and glassware
  • Dry skin
  • Scale buildup in your shower and bathtub
  • Clogged shower heads

Water softeners work by filtering out the magnesium, calcium, and other metals in your water hard. While you do not need to soften your water, they do offer several benefits. Many of our customers have reported that after installing a water softener, they spend less time cleaning scale buildup from appliances, dishes, and bathtubs, their laundry is softer, and they experience fewer clogs in their plumbing system.

Water Softening System Maintenance

At Mark Johnson Plumbing, our plumbers in Ruston can help you establish a water softener maintenance schedule and provide you with the information you need to catch symptoms of possible problems with your water softener. For example, if you notice a sudden change in the quality of your water, that’s a sure sign that you should call in a professional plumber. At our routine inspections, we can also check for leaks, add more salt to your softener, and ensure that it is in good working order. If you ever have an emergency plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to contact us, we provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

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“We have been using Mark Johnson Plumbing for a number of years. We have always been pleased with the technicians and the services they perform.”

– James A.

“Hagen came & quickly assesses the situation after Atmos came out & cut the gas off. He was very professional & founds the two problems quickly! Luckily they were not pricey Issues at all. Then (Christopher) Chris Came back Out very quickly to cut the gas back on inside the house after Atmos did outside. Due to COVID they could not come in the house to turn the valves back on which we had NO idea where they were located. We felt SO stupid that we couldn’t handle that but Chris assured us that most wouldn’t!

He was so nice & professional!! I will definitely call Mark Johnson again. ”

– Marion W.

“I was able to get an appointment the next day.

Service was great, fast, friendly, and exactly what was agreed on. They were on time and did I mention friendly? I would recommend this company to anyone who needs quality plumbing work done. Ask for Quinn Wall.

The customer service was awesome from the start as well. Text notifications of who’s coming, when they will be there. Nice job!”

– Mark T.

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