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Every home needs routine or emergency plumbing services from a knowledgeable technician. At Mark Johnson Plumbing, we have provided expert plumbing installations and repairs for over 20 years. As a family-operated business, we offer personable emergency plumbing repairs on a round-the-clock basis in Farmerville and surrounding areas.

Customers can count on us to arrive quickly for emergency problems such as frozen water pipes or septic sewage spills. Our company’s trucks are filled with tools and parts to tackle any problems, many of them on the same day. In addition to repairing water pipes, we are often contacted concerning nonfunctional toilets and sinks that are clogged with debris.

Dealing with a clogged pipe or septic line backup? Call our expert team at 318-319-0220 for professional Farmerville plumbing services. Want to know what our customers are saying about us? Visit our reviews page today!

Do You Have a Burst Pipe Emergency on Your Hands?

A leaking water pipe due to cold temperatures or corrosion can be thought of as an emergency because it can happen suddenly, without you knowing it and it can cause severe damage. Water leaking inside or outside a home from a broken pipe will cause massive damage to a building’s structure, weakening the foundation of the home. A pipe that bursts outside or inside a home can cause water to enter a building’s foundation or basement, leading to electrical problems and mold growth. Leaking water will also cause your water bill to skyrocket, meaning, you’ll be paying for the emergency long before you even know you need repairs.

Water pipes located inside walls can leak moisture onto insulation and floors, causing extensive damage. The water leaking from a broken pipe also costs homeowners money. A major leak can disrupt the water pressure in your home, making it difficult to get other fixtures such as faucets and toilets to work properly.

How a Plumbing Emergency Affects Your Home

Mark Johnson Plumbing knows that a plumbing emergency is an inconvenience for families due to the lack of a working toilet, shower, or sink. We suggest that customers never wait to call us when a water pipe bursts or a toilet backs up because the overflowing water immediately begins to cause problems.

Small amounts of water dripping from a rusty water heater or appliance hose may not seem like a major concern, but the hole in the broken plumbing fixture can become worse quickly. Instead of needing a fast repair or replacement of a plumbing device, a homeowner may need extensive repairs for ruined flooring and drywall.

Facing a Sewer Line or Septic Tank Emergency in Farmerville?

Our customers often neglect their home’s septic tank or sewer line for many years. Because these water and sewage systems are located outside a home, it is easy to ignore the equipment until a major breakdown occurs. However, at Mark Johnson Plumbing, we recommend having sewer line or septic tank treatments on a routine basis to avoid future problems.

Sewer lines and septic tanks are expensive equipment requiring professional care, instead of store-bought amateur treatments. To repair a sewer line or tank, our technicians use modern technology such as video cameras or chemical tests to analyze the problem. A lack of the proper bacteria in a septic tank can lead to blockages. Alternatively, a sewer line may have a buildup of debris such as grease, tree roots, or bathroom tissue.

Ready to work with our expert plumbers in Farmerville? Give us a call today at 318-319-0220 and work with us to improve your home.

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