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Backflow can be a major headache to have to take care of. Not only is it stressful to have to fix the situation, but backflow can present all sorts of health issues due to the effects of waste on those who breathe it in. Making sure you’re backflow is up to date with the codes can save you some headaches. If you live in Ruston, trust this service to our professional plumbers at Mark Johnson Plumbing.

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Not Familiar with What Backflow Is?

Backflow is the unintentional reversal of the flow of potable water. Distribution systems are designed for water to flow in one direction: From source to consumer. Fluctuations in hydraulic pressure are subject to drawing back into the source supply any contaminants present at that point of backflow. An illustration of how easily this can happen is the lawn sprinkler system where very often herbicides and various chemicals are used.

The presence of these chemicals on the lawn or used in a sprayer attached to a garden hose introduces the risk of contamination without the proper backflow devices attached to the connections. The pressure pulling back, or back-siphonage, will draw with it anything that is presently contaminating or polluting the public water supply. This is what makes backflow a very big deal.

Local Laws Regarding Backflow Testing

Approved testing agencies are responsible for checking to see if your backflow devices adhere to approved standards. Backflow prevention is required whether that means a plumbing inspector ensures a plumber’s daily practices builds no cross-connections, systems are built with an air gap or backflow devices are attached at cross-connection points in an existing system.

At Mark Johnson Plumbing in Ruston, LA, we are a certified backflow assembly tester. As Water Supply Protection Specialists (WSPS) Tester, we are licensed master plumbers able to test, install and maintain backflow systems. Plumbing codes now require backflow devices meet EPA regulatory requirements in order to maintain a certain level of purity in potable water systems. For this reason, backflow devices must be tested regularly to ensure they are providing sufficient protection to the public water resources.

Important of Backflow Testing

Backflow preventers keep higher pressure fluids, suspended solids, or gases from moving into lower pressure resources. Municipalities go to great effort and expense to keep their potable water sources fresh and clean. There are numerous industries responsible for waste materials that we would all agree should never be introduced into these fresh water supplies such as hospitals, funeral homes, or chemical plants, just to name a few. The lack of controls in some communities in the United States has resulted in hospitalizations due to explosions that destroyed property and injured people. Properly working backflow devices help reduce incidents of backflow and the resulting litigation that ensues when contamination occurs.

What Is the Process When We Conduct this Service?

The testing process must be performed by a certified backflow tester. We have qualified testers on staff to conduct tests, perform repairs, and certify the newly repaired device. The test requires temporarily shutting off the water, which can be an issue for any commercial or industrial operations requiring a constant water supply.

It is advisable that no one tries to use the water during the testing process as this will alter the pressure in the system. As the cross-connection protection must be temporarily removed, there is an increased risk of contamination. It requires hooking up test kit hoses following the appropriate device requirements being tested.

For all of your backflow testing needs, Mark Johnson Plumbing is here to help. Give us a call today at (318) 257-6167 and learn more about our services.

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