Handling Gas Line Leaks

What's The Purpose Of Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a great way to fuel many of our appliances, as well as for grilling, and other uses. If someone does not have natural gas in their home, they may use a propane tank filled with gas, in order to grill food outside.

Those who do have a gas line attached to their home, may have appliances such as a gas run dryer, a gas stove for cooking, a water heater that is powered by gas, and heat that is run by gas also. Natural gas can power many things in our homes, and there are several natural gas companies around the world that supply gas for many home uses.

How Do I Know If I HaveGas Line Leak?

The biggest problem with having natural gas in your home, is the fact that a leak can occur. There are several ways to detect a leak, and one of the most distinctive ways is to check for a rotten egg smell. Natural gas has no odor, and you can't see it, because of this, gas companies have added a rotten egg smell to the gas, in order to let those around be able to detect a leak. If you smell a foul odor, such as rotten eggs, you most likely have a gas leak, and you need to act immediately.

Another way to detect a gas leak is to listen for a hissing sound that may be coming from the line. If the home is silent, you can readily hear the hissing sound, especially if you get close to the source. The line outside may also have a leak, and if it does, you may see dirt blowing around, if the line is close enough to the dirt, and you can also hear a hissing sound as well.

Why Is It Important To Handle This Issue Immediately?

Gas leaks can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if it's not detected, or taken care of, as soon as possible. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death if too much is inhaled by any one person. Gas leaks can also cause explosions, by something as simple as turning on a light switch, or static electricity. If you know you have a gas leak, you need to look for the source as soon as possible, or if you cannot find it, call the gas company immediately to fix the problem.

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