The Perils in Bathroom Remodeling

Common plumbing issues that you will encounter during your bathroom remodel include the pipes under the floor, the building codes for the area and the replacement of your shower and tub. You must make sure that you address all these issues to make sure the bathroom is constructed properly. Your bathroom can be a place that you will enjoy being, but you need to make sure that the job is handled properly. Working with your plumber will change the value of your home once the bathroom is done.

The Pipes Under The Floor

The pipes under your floor may need to be moved if you want to move your sink, tub or shower. The tub or shower can be combined or separated to make the room look more modern. However, the plumber has to make sure that the pipes are fitted properly during the remodel. The pipes cannot leak when they are sealed under the floor, and you want your plumber to complete his work before the floors are sealed.

The Code Violations

When these items are handled by your plumber, the plumber can make sure that your bathroom is up to code. Getting your bathroom remodeled could open up your home to code violations that might be found by a code enforcement officer. Also, your home will not be sold if you have code violations. These code violations will be found by a home inspector if you are trying to sell your house, and these code violations could cause your home to not sell.

Replace Your Tub And Shower
If you want to replace your tub and shower, you can make the space look much more contemporary. You can have the tub and shower put on opposite ends of the room, or the two fixtures can be combined. Your plumber will move the pipes, install a new shower and they will make sure that they have fitted all the pipes properly.

The best way for you to manage the remodeling of your bathroom is to make sure that you work with your plumber. Your plumber can handle the code inspection, moving your pipes and to replace your tub or shower as you see fit.

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