Three Common DIY Plumbing Repairs Gone Wrong

Most homeowners consider plumbing challenges a daunting problem to overcome. Occasionally, we get up the courage to tackle a plumbing concern because we watch a video or read an article espousing how simple the problem is to fix. Following this do-t-yourself instruction, we attempt to repair the plumbing ourselves only to develop an even worse problem requiring a real plumber.

Repairing your own leaky pipes may seem like a good idea if money is tight, but eventually the problem could worsen and then you'll need a replacement for the pipe.

This type of problem is best done by a professional who knows what he is doing. Making a temporary fix for a leaky pipe is one thing, while replacing a leaky pipe is quite another. You'll need the proper tools and the necessary strength to tighten the pipes when they are attached and fitted together.

Pipe Replacement

1) There are hundreds of pipe fittings that can be used; however, knowing exactly which pipe fittings are needed for a particular job is the realm of the professional plumber, not the do-it-yourself plumbing novice. The novice might know that an elbow pipe is needed to change the direction of the flow of water. He might also know that some pipes need to be welded together to form a smooth uninterrupted flow of water.

It's the finer details of which the novice might not be aware, such as the pipe ends needing to be butt welded, threaded together or even socketed. He might also no know that an elbow could be 90, 60 or 45 degrees or that pipes of different radiuses can be fitted together with the right fixings and tools. This is where expertise is essential and do-it-yourself enthusiasm just falls short of resolving the problem.


2) A leak at the base of the can cause a lot of damage. It can penetrate down to the subfloor, causing dampness and mold to spread onto the floor and walls. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible to limit the damage. A homeowner may be tempted to tackle this type of problem himself, hoping to save a lot of money. Your toilet base could be cracked, it may not be properly mounted, the toilet flange is not properly mounted, there could be hot water cycling through the toilet base melting the wax on the floor or the manufactured toilet has a defect. Rather than tackle the problem yourself, simply turn off the water at the water supply valve connection and call a plumber, who will investigate the problem and quickly find the origination of the problem and begin repairs.

Garbage Disposals

3) Repairing a garbage disposal unit. Many homeowners attempt these repairs assuming they cannot be that complicated. It's always assumed that something has just gotten caught and needs to be flushed out. You should always call a professional if you cannot clear the problem with tongs or pliers. Never put your hands down into a disposal.Ruston DIY Disaster

Attempting any of these plumbing issues could have a positive result, but more often than not results in even bigger problems after the novice's attempts worsen the problem. When you discover a leak that requires new piping, a toilet leaking from the base or a disposal unit with an obstruction you cannot dislodge with tongs or pliers call a professional to guarantee it gets repaired right the first time.

With a little extra money, your plumbing problems will disappear and your home will be without water damage.

We've seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Mark Johnson Plumbing at (318) 257-6167 for service in the Ruston area!