3 Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet

There are a myriad number of reasons why a toilet maybe flushing slowly. With this kind of plumbing, however, being wary of how things are supposed to function will help in diagnosing and fixing problems.

Furthermore, having the knowhow to identify such problems will place one on the right lane to establishing the right solution. A slow-flushing toilet implies that one of the following most common causes maybe causing the problem.

Low Water Level in the Reservoir.

When a toilet is flushing inefficiently, the first thing to look at is the toilet tank. Low level of water in the tank could be the cause of the problem. Conventionally, the level of water in the toilet reservoir should be half an inch below the vertical tube forming part of the flush valve.

The reservoir tank should refill up to this level any time you flush. Low water levels means that the pressure building up in the tank is not high enough to force the gush out of the tank at high pressure. Slow water gushes eventually cause slow-flushing. To fix low water levels, a ball clock and a fill valve can be utilized.

Accumulation of Sediments.

If the water level in the toilet tank is okay, it means the cause of the slow-flushing problem is a secondary cause. The suspect at this point should be inlet that empties the reservoir to the bowl. Over time, especially if there is consistent use of hard water, deposits accumulate in the channel conveying water to the bowl.

It, therefore, interferes with the flow of water to the reducing the power of the gush and eventually a slow inefficient flush. In addition, mineral deposits may occur in the tank making the float to shut down prematurely. Usually, simple cleaning or replacing of parts solves the slow-flushing problem associated with this cause.

Water Blockages

The slow-flushing problem maybe also caused by hindrance of smooth flow of water from the bowl. If after flushing, the level of the water in the toilet bowl rises as if to overflow and some of the contents are not flushed down, it means there is a blockage in the outlet making it hard for smooth water flow.

Such blockages can be caused when items that are hard to dissociate are inadvertently flushed down. To dislodge such blockages a cable maybe used.

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