The Best Time to Update Your Home's Security System Is During Summer

With summer comes the warm weather, barbecues, trips to the beach, vacations, and, unfortunately, responsibilities around the house. There are some ways that you should update your home security system, and summer is the best time for it.

After all, there's no snow, ice, and cold weather to deal with in summer, and this makes repairs and installations easier and more pleasant. Here's a quick three-step guide for people looking to update their home security this season.

Step 1: Put Together an Emergency Plan for Your Home

Every household should have an emergency plan in place, and your family should practice regularly, just like the fire drills you did at school when you were a kid.

Why it's important: There are two primary reasons emergency plans are necessary. For one, they ensure that your entire family knows what to do, how to react, where to go, and the people to contact in the event of any emergency-think floods, fires, tornadoes, or intruders.

Second, practicing these contingency plans regularly will reduce the chance that a member of your family panics during a real emergency, and staying calm can save lives. Draw up a plan of urgency that details escape routes and exits, where fire extinguishers are, who to call if 911 isn't your emergency number, and where to meet (an outdoor location) in the event of an actual emergency.

Step 2: Fix up the Signs of Wear and Tear

Anything around the house that needs attention, including broken windows, missing screens, broken locks, chipping paint, roof repairs, broken appliances, burnt out light bulbs, and the list goes on.

Why it's important: Taking care of regular maintenance around the house is just a part of life, and while it may be tempting to ignore it this summer for a golf game or a swim, the safety of your family depends on the proper repair of your home. Regular cleaning, inspections, and maintenance will prevent potentially hazardous situations in your home, such as mold growth, for instance.

Step 3: Update Your Home's Sensors and Detectors

The number of sensors and detectors available on the market these days will blow your mind, but there are plenty of valuable technologies out there you can use to update your home security. If you get an outdoor motion detector, make sure it's rated for the outdoors and weatherproof so that it doesn't trip false alarms all the time.

Necessary sensors inside your house include carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, and optional ones include window and door sensors that alert you when something's opened, broken glass detectors, flood and water sensors, and motion detectors.

Why it's important: Not everyone needs an indoor/outdoor motion sensor, but every home should have a smoke alarm, and a carbon monoxide detector is a good idea too. Both of these could save your family from tragedy. The other high-tech devices can alert you to an intruder, help you save energy and money, and could keep your home safe from damage that requires expensive repairs.

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