The Top 3 Bathroom Trends To Watch For In 2016

Anti-Fog Mirrors

You're in a shared bathroom, and someone else is currently taking a shower, and the shower is so hot that the mirror in front of you fogs up, and you can't see anything. This is something that happens to too many people, and that's why anti-fog mirrors are becoming more popular. These mirrors will not fog when it gets humid in the bathroom, especially after someone takes a very warm or hot bath or shower. Many people may have to use a single bathroom, and if two people are in the bathroom at once, the person who needs to use the mirror may be obstructed from doing so because of the excessive humidity in the bathroom. With anti-fog mirrors, humidity is no longer a problem, and the mirror can be used as needed.

Showers With Easy Access

In the past, many were used to having showers that had some type of stop or curb that had to be stepped over in order to allow the person to get into the shower. Things are changing a lot, and in 2016, there will be a move towards showers that are easily accessible, without the curb. Although it may be necessary to build a shower that has no curb, it's still a possibility, especially for those who are remodeling their Ruston bathroom. It's possible to take out the old shower and put in a new one, or a new shower can be constructed with no curb, so there is no possibility of tripping before getting into the shower. This is also a safer shower because of the fact that nothing has to be stepped over to get into the shower. It's possible to simply open a glass door to walk directly into the shower, which is very appealing to many who have had bad experiences with showers that had curbs.

Seats In The Shower

Since many like to use their shower as opposed to using their bathtub, some have started to insert seats into their shower. Although this is a growing trend, not everyone will see the need for having a seat in the shower. Many seem to feel that shower seats are for the elderly, but anyone can be tired when taking a shower and may want to sit down but still get clean. Having a seat in the shower is a great idea, especially if it's adjustable.

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