10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

1 - Shower Space

It can be uncomfortable to feel cramped, as though the walls are closing in on you. You should not feel like that when you are having personal time to yourself in the shower. The shower is supposed to be a few moments of comfort, when nothing is bothering you. A cramped shower can infringe on that comfort and you will want to rush through the shower.

A lot of people are doing a bit of bathroom remodeling to maximize their shower space. Some of the options are inexpensive and simple to install, like a curved shower rod.

2 - Adding a Sound System in the Bathroom

When you go into the bathroom to take a shower, do you find yourself singing tunes under your breath? A lot of people do. You can admit it. Some people even make a point to bring a bulky boombox into their bathroom with them. But that is inconvenient. Others will try to bring their phones with them and hook them up to speakers. But that is not good for your phone and is also inconvenient.

An increasingly common bathroom remodeling maneuver is to install a stereo system in your bathroom with waterproof, digital controls right in the shower with you.

3 - You are tired of standing.

Some people are inclined to take a bath rather than a shower because they do not want to stand during that time. Who could blame them? They had a long day at work or perhaps they did not get a good night's rest, and the last thing they want to do is stand in the shower. The sit down shower is becoming a more popular solution to this problem. This simple innovation has a low shower head hovering over a bathtub so that you can just sit comfortably and enjoy your shower.

4 - You want a night light.

When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you will either do one of two things. First, you might go in the bathroom, turn on the lights and be blinded by how potent it is. Second, you might go in and stumble around, looking for the toilet and the sink or the towels, knocking things over and maybe even breaking something or tripping over the cat. Many toilets come equipped with a nightlight that activates when it detects your presence.

 Ruston, LA bathroom remodeling 2

5 - Getting Married

That special someone is moving into your home. You are probably wondering what you can do to accommodate that and make them more comfortable.

Have you considered the space that they are going to use in the bathroom? It might be a worthy investment to have a second sink installed. You do not want to have to wait impatiently for the other person to finish using the bathroom before you can get ready for work. Also, there might be a lot of clutter if both of you are using the same sink.

6 - Eco-Friendly

With the rising concerns about our impact on the environment, you are probably wondering what sort of habits you can develop that will have a positive impact. Well, paper and plastic are not the only resources that you can preserve. You can preserve water.

While water is the most abundant substance on earth, there are still parts of the civilized world that are enduring droughts, particularly California. Water needs to be preserved. There are several upgrades that you can make in your bathroom that will make this easier.

• Low-flow toilets
• Low-flow shower heads
• A light that comes on when you have used enough water
• Motion sensor faucet
• Switch to LED lights

7 - Save Energy

You have enough bills piling up already. You sit down every month and figure out your budget, determine when you are going to pay your bills and it can be a frustrating experience. You try to determine where you can save some money.

By making a few upgrades in the bathroom, you can reduce your energy bills so that it will be a bit less daunting. You can also reduce your heat bill by installing new windows and preventing the winter weather from trespassing in your bathroom.

8 - Resale Value

It is time to move! You landed that new job in the big city and it is time to get out of town. But you need to sell your Ruston home and maximize profits. Since people spend so much time in the bathroom, it is one of the first rooms that they look at. If it looks like every other bathroom that they have ever been in, they might turn their attention to the house down the street or ask you how firm you are on the asking price.

9 - You want change.

Sometimes you just need something new. You need to feel like a different person. A few bathroom upgrades is a great option and can make you much happier.

10 - New Designs

You see all of the potential out there, all of the possible upgrades and the new designs and you do not want to be left behind. The bathroom experience is changing fast, and you should do what you can to make the most of it.

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