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When it comes to tackling any type of sewage pipe or drain repair need, Mark Johnson Plumbing has got you completely covered. Whether you need to have residential cleaning, or your industrial or commercial sewage pipes are flooding, our reliable team is the one to call, since dealing with sewer and drain services in Jonesboro is our number one specialty. Some jobs may seem more challenging than others. You might be suffering not only from continual overflows and annoying clogged drains, but even from frozen pipes during the winter. However, no job is too big for our experienced technicians.

Whenever we come to your home, we always arrive with the appropriate equipment for unblocking obstructed drains. We have state-of-the-art tools and technology that can create the best results in an entirely safe way, through the use of high-pressure water blasting. Alternatively, we could use specialized snakes that effectively remove masses of hair, gunk, soap deposits, and other organic masses. You can trust our technicians to provide the highest quality of service for any of your sewer and drain problems.

Call us today at (318) 257-6167 to get a reliable estimate on your draining repair needs.

What’s Wrong with My Sewer System?

If you are facing a clogged pipe or sewage line, there are lots of potential objects that could be obstructing your system. For example, you might have a large collection of grease that has accumulated in a narrow portion of your pipe. Grease is especially dangerous because it tends to coagulate, clinging together in a hard mass within your pipe. Once other inorganic matter gets trapped in the grease ball, the clog gets tighter and thicker, becoming impossible to budge without professional aid.

Tree roots are another common culprit of sewer line clogs. When they sense the presence of water, they twist around the source, crushing lines over time and even nestling within the pipes themselves. For both these scenarios, a normal snake cannot easily budge the blockage. Instead, one of our most powerful and advanced drain cleaning snakes must be used, or extreme pressure hydrojetting.

A Wide Range of Sewer Line Services

At our company, we offer multiple services to support you in every one of your sewage needs.

Our most popular services include:

  • Drain cleaning – Using leading equipment of state-of-the-art snakes, we will not only remove difficult clogs but purify your entire drain system of mineral deposits and grease residue. We do this without using any harsh chemicals that further corrode pipes.
  • Sewer line repair – You may have small cracks and leaks in your sewer line that will damage the network of pipes over time. With our reliable pipe inspection services, we can quickly repair these issues before they develop into something more major.
  • Sewer line replacement – Especially in cases of extended root growth, your sewer lines could suffer complete failure, leading to massive flooding. Depending on the severity, whole sections may need to be replaced, which our technicians can handle safely and effectively.
  • Hydrojetting – This amazing and relatively new technique works by shooting down a jet of water under high pressure through a hose. Even the most difficult blockages composed of grease, oil, fat, soil, and tree roots cannot withstand our hydrojets. This technique is key for preventative maintenance, allowing your sewer lines to be cleared from build-up of debris over time.

We Tackle Everything

When it comes to solving a host of problems you are dealing with for your system of sewers, do not worry about trying to call different companies. Our skilled experts can handle all sewage and drain services in Jonesboro, so you can conveniently call just one office.

Contact us now at (318) 257-6167 so that Mark Johnson Plumbing can eliminate your sewer pains today.

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