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Did you know that the average American spends more than six hours on the toilet in a week? Calculated over an average lifetime, this comes to be around 416 days spent on the chamber pot. A broken or clogged toilet is disrupts your entire household. When you see the murky water swirling in your bowl and refusing to drain, you will always feel your heart sink as well. When you are facing the disaster of toilet repair issues in Jonesboro, drop everything and call our experienced team at Mark Johnson Plumbing, because when you have to go, you have to go.

Call us today at (318) 257-6167, and we will get going so you can "go" too.

Common Problems with Your Toilet

There are several issues that could be giving you toilet trouble. It is important to distinguish the difference because more complicated problems are also more delicate – and more liable to explode into chaos if you do not call a certified technician.

Some typical toilet issues that you might be dealing with include:

  • A severely clogged toilet – While it is possible to simply plunge a toilet, this only works if the object obstructing the flow is still directly in the bowl or the brink of its connecting pipe, and it only works for organic, small blockages. If the problem keeps occurring or plunging does not help, there might be a deeper, more severe blockage within your sewer. This obstruction can only be removed by a professional.
  • A running toilet – When the tank keeps leaking water into the bowl, this can waste thousands of gallons in a single year. Our technicians can help adjust or replace the tank flappers, or repair a broken tank.
  • An improperly installed or deteriorated gravity flush toilet – Gravity flush toilets, unlike more modern, pressure-assisted power flush ones, tend to have more issues. If they were never correctly installed in the first place, an improper pitch will lead to inconsistent flushing. Deterioration or corruption of the drainage system can also create this problem, adding to your likelihood of having more clogs.

Restoring Your Toilet Chi

According to ancient Chinese writings, one’s “chi” is the vital flow of energy that allows everything to function in peace and balance. When your toilet is malfunctioning, it is not just an inconvenience, but a symbol that your sanctuary of peace has been destroyed. Believe it or not, many artists, writers, and philosophers have even said that their greatest inspirations and ideas came to them in the calm of sitting on the toilet, the one place where no one could interrupt. For any toilet troubles, immediately get Mark Johnson Plumbing to help restore your toilet’s flow and restore the flow of your chi.

Contact us now at (318) 257-6167 for any toilet repair care in Jonesboro.

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