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When your home falls victim to a burst pipe or a sewage leak, make sure you’re working with the professionals who can help you out of your worst plumbing nightmare. Call Mark Johnson Plumbing for expert Bernice plumbing services. We’ll work with you to make sure you have full control and knowledge of what improvements or repairs are being made to your home. Click here to view our current specials and discounts.

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When problems plague your home's plumbing system, you can count on our team at Mark Johnson Plumbing for uncompromising professionalism and first-rate customer care. With more than 16 years of experience in delivering plumbing services, you can depend on us to diagnose and resolve your plumbing issues effectively and efficiently. See what other homeowners have said about our services here.

Does your home require professional plumbing services?

Plumbing problems can begin to develop within your home's pipe system for months or years before you notice signs of an impending disaster arising. Everything from grease and food scraps to hair and beauty products can slowly build up to create a debilitating clog.

Your plumbing system's pipes and fixtures can wear down due to old age, corrosive chemicals and lack of maintenance. Routine maintenance and timely repairs can help you avoid experiencing a plumbing emergency that shuts down your home's plumbing system and disrupts your daily routine at home.

How is a burst pipe a plumbing emergency?

Freezing temperatures can cause ice to build up inside of your home's pipe, which can result to a high buildup of pressure and a burst pipe. Because of the hazardous conditions and property damage a burst pipe can inflict, it's imperative to address the situation right away. But in many cases, the burst pipe goes unnoticed until serious flooding has occurred. It takes as little as 24 hours for mold growth to develop in water saturated areas of your home, while water damage can have an immediate effect on your home's flooring and furnishings. Not only will there be physical damage to your home, you can also expect to see your water bill increase due to the water that will be pouring out.

How can plumbing emergencies affect your home?

Plumbing emergencies can shut down your home's entire pipe system and make home life extremely uncomfortable. The absence of hot water can make showers unpleasant, while a leaky or burst pipe can rob your toilets and faucets of pressure. A clogged sewer line or cracked water line can hinder sanitation in your home, obstructing everything from showers and hand cleansing to dish and clothes washing.

Why would you need septic tank or sewer line treatment services?

Your home's sewer line and septic tank move waste materials away from your home, helping to promote a sanitary and healthy environment in and around habitable areas. When your sewer line or septic tank experiences a clog or a crack, raw sewage can back up and seep out into your yard. Depending on the condition of your sewer line and the location of the clog, sewage can even back up through your home's plumbing fixtures.

At Mark Johnson Plumbing, each of our trucks are fitted with cameras that can probe your sewer line and show you exactly where the trouble lies. We can reline your sewer line or replace it all together. We also offer the same services for your septic tank.

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