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Garbage Disposal Services Ruston, LA

Garbage disposals are durable machines that we count on almost on a daily basis, but they can’t and don’t last forever. There's a litany of things that can go wrong with them. Our customers love to ask us about their garbage disposal problems simply because they don’t have the knowledge to understand what’s going on with it. To all of our customers in the Ruston, LA area we provide answers to these questions. If you’d like to see what some of the residents are saying about us, click here to visit our reviews page.

What are some common problems you can expect to experience with these units?

  • Jams: Jams occur when certain objects and foods are put into the disposal. Typical foods and objects that cause jams are vegetables with high fiber, bones, glass and utensils.
  • Loud: This occurs when certain objects are inserted into the disposal like bones and metal. Or, the unit might have old blades, bearings or lugs that are worn.
  • Broken flyweights: There is also the possibility that the flyweights are broken or the seals are leaking water into the unit's bearings and motor. Water will cause the bearing grease to slide away and result in a very fast deterioration of the bearings.
  • Low humming sound: Sometimes disposals will produce a low humming sound but nothing will happen. This typically occurs if there is a jam or if there is a surplus of food put into the disposal without it being ran.
  • Leaks: Another problem that occurs with a high frequency is leaks. Take a look at the maintenance tips below for advice on how to fix a leak.

When is it time to repair or replace your unit?

If your garbage disposal is jammed and you've attempted to clear it and it still won't operate and has no sound, you'll likely have to replace it.

If your disposal is leaking and the source is the drain pipe, you'll likely have to replace its rubber gasket.

Loud disposals might benefit from having their shredder rings replaced but the majority won't. If the noise persists after trying the troubleshooting methods mentioned below, you'll have to purchase a new unit.

If the disposal is producing a humming sound, pull out any items that are clogging it and attempt to move the blades with an Allen wrench. If this does not work, you might not necessarily need an entirely new unit. Call us for the help of professional repair services.

What are some easy maintenance methods?

  • If your garbage disposal doesn't work when you flip the on switch, the first thing to do is check if the power is actually on by looking at the fuse box and circuit breakers. Most disposals have a red button on the bottom that will reset the unit. If it is popped out, there is a jam that needs to be cleaned out.
  • If your garbage disposal is jammed, look at the bottom middle area of the disposal for a tiny socket hole. You can use an Allen wrench to turn the masher plate to help clear up the jam.
  • If your disposal is leaking, be sure to take a look at the drain connection. You can also check the ring by the sink's flange and ensure that it is as tight as possible. However, the disposal will have to be replaced if the leak stems from the body of the unit.
  • If you have a loud garbage disposal, the mounting screws might be loose and could need to be tightened.
  • For drains with a low humming sound, turn off the power to the unit and reach into it with pliers. Do not use your hands. Pull out the items that are clogging the drain then use an Allen wrench to manually move the blades around.
  • If the drain has a clog that resulted from the disposal's activity (or lack there of), locate the main disconnect and disable the power. Take apart the trap and clear the clog with a drain snake. Then put the trap back together and immediately turn on the water to make sure that the clog has been taken care of. Water should now be able to flow through the disposal as well as the drain line.

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