Ruston Septic Treatment Services

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Septic Tank Services in Ruston, LA

Residents of many small towns and most rural areas rely on septic systems for waste control and disposal. The most important part of the septic system is the septic tank that provides homeowners with an effective way to manage waste on their own property. It is estimated that approximately 25 percent of homeowners in the United States use septic tanks.

Even though these systems provide an easy, effective method of disposing of waste, they are not completely maintenance free. In order to operate more efficiently, they require periodic preventive maintenance. Homeowners who properly maintain their septic systems can expect them to last for a many years without problems. Visit our reviews page here to see what other residents of the area are saying about us.

How does this unit work?

All household waste water from kitchens and bathrooms is collected in a septic tank that is comprised of baffles that hold solids and greasy scum in the tank while allowing water to flow out into a leach field. The solids that remain in the tank decompose before being released into the leach field, if the tank is large enough to hold the necessary amount of water needed for decomposition to occur.

Since many harmful germs are found in septic tanks, the water must be treated before it goes into the drainage fields. Untreated waste water that includes a large amount of solid material will eventually clog the leach field and surrounding soil causing failure of the septic system.

What problems can you expect to see with these systems?

  • When excess water is allowed to flow into the septic tank, a backup will occur because there is no room for solids to decompose.
  • Household detergents containing phosphates can cause algae to grow thus blocking the pipes.
  • Chlorine bleach used in the laundry room kills the bacteria that help solids decompose.
  • Non-biodegradable products such as plastics or feminine products cause buildup to occur, prevent decomposition and may eventually cause a major overflow.

Why should you invest in periodic maintenance?

We recommend routine, periodic maintenance to keep septic systems working properly. At Mark Johnson Plumbing in Ruston, LA, our service technicians are experienced and knowledgeable. We are able to quickly and efficiently diagnose any septic system problems that may occur. If homeowners ignore the requirement to service and properly maintain their septic tanks, they may be faced with major repairs that are expensive and time-consuming.

We believe that a properly maintained septic system can provide the homeowner with an effective way to dispose of all household waste efficiently and with little effort. Our friendly, professional technicians can help keep septic systems working at their optimal level. With proper care and maintenance, most septic tanks will only require pumping every one to three years. We advise clients that regular pumping is necessary to get rid of non-biodegradable substances that interfere with the decomposition process.

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