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Water Heater Repair Replacement Ruston, LA

We all depend on our showers to wake us up in the morning and get us ready for the day, or to wind us down and relax us at night. When our showers are spouting nothing but cold water we dread having to take a shower and would likely revert to childish practices of not showering. Though you could certainly try to make that your solution, at Mark Johnson Plumbing we want you to know that we have solutions to your water problems. See what residents of Ruston have been saying about us in our reviews page here.

What can cause water heater problems?

The most common water heater problems can be traced to sediment buildup within the tank. This sediment can lead to clogged lines and faulty sensors which cause the temperature readings to fluctuate and reduce the efficiency of the machine.

Another common problem is the heating element; these devices can burn out after a certain amount of time, causing the water to not heat up correctly and making the unit use far more power than it normally would. Heating elements are easy to replace, however, so the repair is not a major issue.

Do you know how long your unit is going to last you?

Gas and electric water heaters can last around ten years, while tankless heaters can last up to twenty. However, it is common to replace a unit around every fifteen years to upgrade to a more energy efficient, cost saving model. Thermostats are rated for 35 years of use, but because the technology improves much faster, they are rarely allowed to go that long without replacement.

When should you repair rather than replace a water heater?

Water heaters can last a long time with proper care, even beyond their rated lifespan. However, if you begin to spend more money working to repair your water heater than you spent on it originally, it might be time to replace the unit completely and upgrade to a better model. If you have had the same water heater for more than ten years, it is also a good idea to replace it for one that will save you money on energy costs. However, a recently purchased water heater should be repaired rather than replaced if at all possible.

What’s the best way to avoid problems in the future?

Proper care and maintenance of a water heater is essential for extending its life and ensuring that it operates within proper parameters. Contact Mark Johnson Plumbing today to schedule an evaluation of your water heater; our technicians can perform the proper maintenance and make sure your unit is working like it's supposed to.

Why should you choose Mark Johnson Plumbing?

Serving the Ruston, LA community and surrounding areas since 1997, we have a commitment to excellence and customer service. We've seen it all – sewage backups, burst pipes, faulty water heaters. We've helped repair Louisiana after the numerous hurricanes, and we've helped to fix toilets after toddlers threw toys into them. No job is too big or too small for us to handle

At Mark Johnson Plumbing, we understand that accidents happen and that our customers have busy schedules. We work with you to find a time that best suits you, as well as a way of working that fits into your budget.

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