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The Guaranteed Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

Ruston PlumberThere are several reasons people may want to
remodel their bathroom. As families age and the dwellings they occupy do the same, it may become
necessary to renovate a home either to accommodate a growing family or
to gain a greater resale value, but most renovations in the home do not
gain a value that is comparable to the investment made by remodeling.
Therefore, it may become necessary to upgraded parts of the home that
will return a value that is in line with the renovation costs. The bathroom
is often one of these areas and is often renovated for value, to upgrade
safety features or to increase the efficiency of the bathroom or more
specifically, the bathrooms use of water and electricity.

1) Home Value

Compared to other parts of the home with the exception of the kitchen,
a bathroom renovation can recoup much of the renovation costs. When done
correctly, a bathroom renovation can indeed add value to the home, especially
in resale value. Updating outdated fixtures and accommodations will increase
value by bringing the bathroom in line with more contemporary bathrooms
in other homes in the neighborhood and the value of those homes when they
are re-sold. Bathrooms that are very outdated will have a drag on the
resale value because the demand for the property will be less than for
comparable homes with contemporary bathrooms in the same area. In addition,
updated bathrooms will have updated fixtures and finishes that will add
visual appeal, as well as, a value that is comparable to the investment
made in upgrading.

2) Safety

Upgrading the bathroom to upgrade safety features can be done in response
to someone that is physically challenged for any reason or because growing
or aging families have different requirements for bathroom fixtures to
enhance the safety of those employing the bathroom’s use. Larger,
sturdier grab bars can be installed to facilitate the use of toilets and
bathtubs by someone physically impaired, as well as, higher toilets and
barrier free showers and tubs.

3) Efficiency

In addition, widening doorways may be necessary for the egress of wheel
chairs or walkers so that people do not fall or become stuck, as well
as, adding ground fault interrupters for bathrooms that do not have the
devices or enough of the devices to provide electricity safely to an area
like a bathroom with much water usage and moisture issues. Changing toilets,
showers and tubs can also increase the efficiency because newer devices
can be purchased that are water usage efficient.

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