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Faucet and Sink Fixtures

When Is It Necessary To Replace My Faucet

The wear and tear on a faucet and sink is immanent. The constant use of
the sink and the constant turning off and on of the faucet will eventually
need to be replaced. Most of the time, it is a simple cosmetic upgrade.
Other times it might be the plumbing. One sign that shows it’s necessary
to replace a faucet is when the appliance begins to show some rust or
begin to chip.

What Are Some Signs Of Damage

Water damage and cracked pipes are two of the most common signs of damage
caused by faucet or sink that is not working properly. Cracked pipes that
go unnoticed can cause extensive water damage. If this damage is left
unrepaired, it could become quite costly to reverse the damage. Water
damage can cause rotting wood in the flooring, in the walls, and under
the sink. Water damage also promotes the growth of mold. Mold can grow
undetected, and can cause health issues, such as respiratory illnesses.

How Can I Avoid My Faucet From Being Broken In The Future

If the damage from a broken faucet is cause by a cracked or broken pipe
due to extreme weather conditions, a homeowner might be recommended to
leave the water running slightly through the faucet. This will allow the
faucet and pipes to keep from freezing up.

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