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10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom

You may have been thinking about remodeling your bathroom for many months
or even years. You may have a few design ideas in mind, but you will need
to solidify your plans before you move forward with your project.

Keep in mind that the majority of the features in your bathroom are plumbing
fixtures, and because of this, you may need to work with a professional
plumbing team for assistance.

These are some of the design ideas that a plumber may be able to help you
with as you work on your upgrading project.

Beautiful Sink Options

If you think that you are limited to sink options that include oval bowl-style
stinks that are made out of ceramic or

porcelain, you may want to think again. The fact is that the colors, sizes,
shapes and materials available for sinks today are nearly limitless, and
some sinks may even be veritable works of art.

Think about the unique style that you want for your bathroom, and search
for a sink that will meet your needs. Of course, pay attention to maintenance
and durability when selecting a sink that will be used in a high-use bathroom.
Your plumber may assist you with all aspects of this process.

Gorgeous Sink Hardware

Another option to consider for upgrading your bathroom relates to selecting
the right sink hardware to go with your

new sink. The hardware should have a style that matches the sink.

You also want to choose a beautiful finish, and you can carry that finish
throughout the bathroom with your light fixtures as well as the hardware
in your shower and bathtub. Also, think about the flow of the water. Some
faucets, for example, have a cascading or trickling flow of water that
can be truly elegant or even Zen-like.

Shower Options

You can also make upgrades to your shower. For example, you can remove
a combination shower and tub and separate these for a more luxurious feel.
In the shower, you can add a bench seat, a mud-set basin or multiple shower
heads for extra luxury.

The bathtub can also be upgraded. Whirlpool options are one idea, but you
can also use a standalone tub for another look for your space. Your plumber
can help you with these plans as well.Take time to create a bathroom design
that you love. For any plans that involve your plumbing features, you
can work with a plumber for assistance.

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