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It’s Time to Go Low Flow!

If you are concerned about the amount of water your
current plumbing fixtures are consuming, then it is time for you to purchase low flow plumbing fixtures.
When compared with older more traditional water fixtures, low flow plumbing
fixtures use a significantly smaller amount of water. The good news is
that low flow fixture save money and conserve water.

What are Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures?

In the plumbing industry, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.
New technology in water efficiency enables fixtures to function properly
while using less water than older fixtures.

Low flow plumbing fixtures such as faucets, toilets and shower heads use
less water per minute than traditional fixtures. In many cases, low flow
fixtures function on about half of the water that is used by older fixtures.
The efficient water usage is due to high pressure techniques that enable
newer fixtures to get the job done with less water.

The Benefits of Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

One of the primary reasons that people do not replace their less efficient
fixtures is they believe it will cost too much money. The reality is low
flow plumbing fixtures are not more expensive than traditional fixtures.
You can purchase low flow fixtures at comparable prices to traditional fixtures.

  • Replacing your traditional plumbing fixtures has benefits that will outweigh
    your initial costs
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures are less likely to leak than traditional fixtures
  • You can conserve approximately 50 percent of the water that you currently
    use by replacing older fixtures
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures do not take more time to replace than traditional fixtures.
  • There are low flow plumbing fixtures for every budget.

Utility companies provide financial incentives for you to change to low
flow plumbing fixtures.

The amount of water you save in your home will surprise you. For instance,
your traditional shower head uses approximately 4 gallons of water per
minute. A low flow shower head uses approximately half that amount. Over
the course of a year, you can save approximately 5,000 gallons of water.
If you only change your shower head, you will save hundreds of dollars
each year.

Conserving water does not take much time and money. By purchasing low flow
plumbing fixtures, you can conserve environmental resources and your money.

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