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3 Tips to Have a Better Functioning Garbage Disposal this Fall Season

As a homeowner, it is very important to make sure the
garbage disposal is properly maintained. If it is not taken care of properly repairs can
end up being quite costly. As a result, putting in some effort from time
to time to keep it running effectively is definitely worth it. The following
are some great tips to help make sure the garbage disposal continues to
work as smoothly as possible:

Be sure to run the garbage disposal on a regular basis.

It is not a good idea to allow food waste to sit in the pipes and the sink.
Instead, the garbage disposal should be run each and every time something
goes inside it.

Allow cold water to run for about 30 seconds after the disposal has stopped
making grinding noises. This helps ensure that all the food waste has
been washed away. Any food build up can cause the garbage disposal to
jam and smell bad. Additionally, the acid in food can cause pipes to corrode.

Unclogging the garbage disposal.

Sometimes the garbage disposal will stop working. Luckily, most garbage
disposals have a reset button that is built in. From time to time a heavy
load can make the motor get to hot and overheat.

Turn the garbage disposal off for about one or two minutes and then press
the reset button. The button is typically red and at the bottom of the
garbage disposal unit. After that, restart the unit.

Turn off the power if the clog still remains.

When the garbage disposal still does not work, be sure to turn the power
of by turning the circuit breaker off or unplugging it. If the garbage
disposal came with a wrench, use it to check to see if the system is jammed.
If the unit does not budge, use a flashlight to see if you can find what
is causing the jam.

If you cannot find anything wrong or see a great deal of water, take the
handle of a plunger or a broom and insert it into the drain. Move it around
inside the drain. This will help dislodge the blade because it could be
wedged against something that fell into the unit. Use an apparatus like
kitchen tongs to pull the item out of the unit. Do not use your fingers
for safety reasons.

Time to get your Ruston home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season.
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