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Three Reasons Why Water Might Be Discolored

discoloration of water is a more common problem than people may think. While it can seem rather
alarming, chances are that the discoloration of the water is completely
harmless. Continue reading to find three common reasons why water might
be discolored.

1. Lack Of Use

Water might be discolored due to lack of use of the pipes. Pipes may not
have been in use because there was no one living in the home or due to
a lengthy vacation. Because there is no water running through the pipes,
the different minerals that usually come into your water will build up.

These minerals (often iron and manganese) will cause water to become yellow
or possibly even brown. This discoloration might go completely unnoticed
unless the water is collected in a bowl or sink. It is safe to drink,
and the human body even needs these minerals. The water will eventually
become a regular color after it has been run enough.

2. Fast Traveling Water

As water travels to get to the kitchen or bathroom sink of your Monroe
home, it passes through many different water mains. If the water is traveling
fast enough, it will mix up the sediment in the water main. There are
different activities which can cause water to reach that high of a velocity.
Some of those activities include water main breaks and fire fighting activities.
Again, this is completely harmless to anyone that consumes the discolored water.

3. Failing Hot Water Heater

Water heaters are expected to generally last around ten years. If a water
heater is nearing the ten year mark and water is coming out discolored,
a very possible source for the discoloration is a failing hot water heater.

Some signs of a failing hot water heater are a rumbling sound and rusty
looking water. As a water heater is failing, it will rust from the inside
which could cause rusty looking water. The best way to be sure that it
is definitely the water heater is by turning on only hot water.

If the water is clear colored when turned to cold and then red or brown
looking when turned to hot, chances are that a failing water heater is to blame.

There could be many different culprits causing discolored water. Most of
the reasons for a discoloration of water are completely harmless. A small
amount of troubleshooting can usually solve the issue and get that water
looking normal in your Monroe home.