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Plumber Recommended Methods For Fixing A Leaky Faucet

Examine The Faucet

If you’re seeing a leak coming from your faucet, then it’s time
to examine the faucet to see where the
leak is because there are several places where a faucet might leak. Normally,
people have a leak coming from the tap where water comes out when the
faucet is turned on. The leak may be simply dripping water, but it’s
still a leak nonetheless because it’s supposed to be completely dry
once the water is turned off.

Sometimes, a steady but small stream of water is coming from the tap when
it’s off, and this is a significant leak because it can waste gallons
of water in a single day. Other leaks may include handle leaks or leaks
from the base of the faucet. Once it’s determined where the leak is,
then it’s time for a Ruston plumber to get it fixed.

The Plumber’s Method

A plumber would first test out the leak by turning on the faucet to see
where the faucet has a leak. Next, the plumber would figure out what kind
of faucet it is. The different faucets are a cartridge faucet, which has
a cartridge that may be made from different materials, and these typically
have decorative handles. A ball faucet will have a ball bearing; a compression
faucet has two handles with screws in it, and a ceramic-disk faucet will
have a ceramic cylinder.

Once the plumber knows what kind of faucet it is, then they’ll know
exactly how to take it apart and what parts may be needed to replace the
worn out parts that may be making the faucet leak. Certain faucets only
have a couple small parts that may need replacement, which may cost a
few cents or a few dollars. A ball faucet is going to need a replacement
kit of its own, which costs around $20, so this is obviously a more costly
faucet to fix. The plumber will disassemble the faucet down to a certain
point, and after adding replacement parts, if the faucet is still leaking,
then complete replacement of the faucet may be considered.

Hire A Plumber

When your faucet has a leak that you can’t get rid of, don’t hesitate
to call a Ruston plumber because the leak can be fixed right away, especially
if the faucet only needs some small repairs to stop leaking.