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Conserve Water this Summer and Have Fun with These Tips

Summer is here, and it’s time to soak up the sun with the ones you love most.

Although we wait all year long for the heat of summer, we’re always looking for the best ways to cool off once it arrives. For many, outdoor water play is ideal to stay cool and re-energize on a hot summer’s day.

However, these outdoor water-based activities often use up much more water than we imagine, so summer is also a good time to research the necessity of water conservation, and how you and your family can actively work to preserve this precious resource.

Whether you’re seeking to be more active in your water conservation practices, or simply want to decrease your overall water bill, here are some tips and tricks to help your family lower your overall water usage this summer.

Man getting sprayed with water hose

Water Hoses and Sprinkler Play

During the summer months, some of the most common forms of water play include the use of a sprinkler or a water hose. Most of us know how great it feels to be sprayed with water when the heat is almost unbearable, but we often forget that these types of water play can waste more water than you think.

Here are some ways to use less water while still enjoying these outdoor-based water activities:

  • Efficient Water Hose Use: Invest in a high-efficiency spray nozzle for your outdoor hose. These nozzles help to control water usage by allowing you to be in control of exactly how much water is being used.
  • Efficient Sprinkler Use: If you have a large garden in your yard that requires regular watering, make sure that you limit the amount of time that you turn your sprinkler on for. When you do water your garden on a hot day, invite your child outside to come and play in its spray as it’s running.

Child in baby pool

Other Examples of Fun Outdoor Water Activities

On top of water-based play using a hose or a sprinkler, here are some other great ways to have fun and keep cool outdoors during the hot summer months:

  • Purchase a rain barrel that your child can use to make water balloons, or perhaps even clean their toys. Ensure that an adult is always around as your child uses this water, and keep water balloons away from young children.
  • Play in the rain when it comes, as long as it’s not during a thunderstorm.
  • Small pools can be water-efficient, as long as they have a lid to minimize the evaporation of water.

conserve water

Conserve Water and Have Fun Doing It

One other great water-saving activity for kids is water conservation Bingo. This game allows children to actively participate in water-saving activities while integrating these practices into their everyday life.

Create a bingo card with your child and fill it with water conserving practices like turning off the tap when teeth are being brushed, or keeping their shower under 5 minutes. When your child has filled up their bingo card, treat them!