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Need to Get a Plumbing Permit? Here’s How

What Kind of Protection Does a Plumbing Permit Provide?

When Will I Use a Plumbing Permit?

What Is the Cost?

Before you begin your home renovation, consider a plumbing permit. This is an important step many homeowners forget to take. Big or small, plumbing permits are needed for repairs or remodeling your home.

This is to ensure all work meets city code. If you are planning to do some work around the house, you’ll need one. Keep reading to find out more, before you embarge into any DIY plumbing service.

“permitprotection”Household plumbing is not something you want to mess around with. Plumbing permits are put in place as a way of protecting the homeowner from work being done incorrectly.

Without them, jobs may not be done to city code and can eventually cause damage to your home. Plumbing permits also ensure that come inspection time there won’t be any issues you will have to fix. The last thing you want is to have to tear down everything. Especially when it could have been avoided by purchasing a permit.

Permits are required for most household jobs. If you hire a professional, they will probably have the permit ready for you. But check to make sure.

The kind of jobs you will need to purchase a permit for are as follows:

  • Drain line replacements – replacing drain pipes is a large job that will most likely require a permit.
  • Re-pipes -this requires changing out all of the water supply pipes in the home which is a significant project. This will definitely need a permit.
  • Sewer replacement – any work that replaces sewer lines will need a plumbing permit because of the safety codes that must be met.
  • Moving existing plumbing to another location – this is also a large job that needs a permit to be performed. It is considered a remodel, and building code requirements must be observed.
  • Replacing a water heater – This is a considered a large job that will most definitely need a permit.
  • Some smaller jobs will require a plumbing permit as well. Check with your city building codes prior to beginning your renovation or home project.

“howmuchcost”Plumbing permit costs will depend on the type of work you are doing, and what kind of equipment is being installed or replaced.

Generally, there is an initial fee for the application, and additional fees for fixtures, sprinkler systems, etc. Be sure to check with the city of Ruston, LA before beginning your project.

Don’t let one easy missed step stop your home renovation dreams from coming true. Be sure to apply for your permit prior to starting your work, or ensure the professional you hire has one. This process allows you to sleep better at night knowing your home project has been done the right way.