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What’s the Difference Between Hydrojetting and Snaking a Drain?

If your drains are slow-moving or sewage is backing up into your toilet and sinks, the chances are good that you have a clogged sewage line. Fortunately, there’s a solution — two, actually: Hydro-jetting and snaking. Both are effective at breaking up obstructions, but only one will truly clean your drains.


Hydrojetting uses a powerful water jet to clear blockages. Using a long nozzle, an experienced sewer line professional will blast away grease, sludge, tree roots, and whatever else interrupts your drain. Pressure can exceed 4,000 pounds per square inch. To put that into perspective, a conventional pressure washer — the kind you use to wash your patio — produces around 2,000 PSI.

Because not all pipes can hold up under that kind of pressure, a technician will first conduct a video inspection of your drain. Older, fragile pipes are not candidates for hydrojetting.

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Snaking using a long steel cable, corkscrewing through the drain to clear a path for waste. It’s an effective way to remove minor obstructions without damaging delicate drains.

Which is Better?

Hydrojetting not only clears blockages, but it also cleans the pipe. The process blasts build-up along the walls of the drain so that water waste can flow freely. Some property owners — especially those who own restaurants where grease creates clogs — have their drains jetted routinely.

Snaking, on the other hand, will only burrow a path through the sludgy contents of your drain, allowing enough space for water to travel through.

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