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Halo Filtration System

It’s more than likely that your home water has contaminants. Now before you spit out that glass of water you’re currently drinking, Mark Johnson & Sons Plumbing in Monroe has the answer for you: it’s treatable and we can get you a HALO.

First off, it’s not the halo you are thinking of, however, when you install a HALO whole home water filtration system, you’ll swear you’re living the life of angels.

So, what is water filtration? What does it do? First, it removes the contaminants in your water, making your drinking water taste better and keeping you healthier. It also helps in your washer and shower, giving you a cleaner feel and fresher, cleaner laundry. Also, filtered water extends the life of your fixtures and appliances, keeping them in tip-top shape.

You may be asking yourself if contaminated water is really a thing. Do you need to worry about the water that runs through your home? The answer is an extremely loud YES. The National Tap Water Database rates Monroe water as having 31 total contaminants – that’s 12 more contaminants exceeding the Environmental Working Group guidelines. To unsettle your nerves a bit, Monroe tap water and the various providers were in compliance with federal health-based drinking water standards. But legal doesn’t necessarily mean safe.

Mark Johnson & Sons Plumbing in Monroe understands the needs of our customers and wants to encourage you to have safe, filtered water in your home. Better your life, health, and home by installing a whole home water filtration system. Call the plumber number today and our professionals will inspect your home’s water, look at each of the possible solutions for you, and do it at a cost you can afford: 318-257-6167. We’ve been servicing Monroe and surrounding areas since 1997 and are the name to trust when it comes to your plumbing.