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Types of Garbage Disposals

Nobody really thinks about their disposal needs until that dreaded day comes when it finally gives up the ghost. All those memories of you stuffing fish bones, spoiled meat, corn cobs, and the like start to haunt you. Then there’s the smell of death. You’ve dealt with it too long. It’s time to get a new or improved disposal.

But where do you start? Are all disposals the same? Here at Mark Johnson & Sons Plumbing in Shreveport, Louisiana, we get those questions all the time. To answer those questions, we ask our own:

Are the pipes good enough?

If you have older drainpipes, it’s easier to get clogs. Sadly, if you continue to get clogs repeatedly, it most likely doesn’t mean it’s your disposal with the problem.

How big is your septic tank?

Depending on the amount of food waste you deal with, you may have to pump it out more often (once a year, as opposed to the recommended every three to five years). It’s best to check out the details with your local inspector before installing a disposal.

Do you have enough cabinet space?

You’ll want to make sure there’s room for the disposal directly underneath your sink’s drain. The quieter the disposal is, the bigger it is.

Once we’ve answered these questions, we can look at the best disposal for you. Usually, disposals will fall into two different categories: continuous feed and batch feed.

Continuous feed means you can put in food scraps while it’s running. They’re the most common model and can fit most budgets. They do need wall switches that should be installed by an electrician.

Batch feed models are a “one batch at a time” disposal. Users put the waste into it, then cover the opening to turn it on. This means that there is a reduced risk of injuries. You also won’t need a wall switch installed. On the downside, there aren’t a lot of types out there on the market, and are more costly to consumers.

Lastly, you’ll want to pick out the right size. Depending on how much you use the disposal (and the types of foods you want to grind) will determine the best fit for you. If you use it daily, have more than four people in the home, and grind foods such as bones, pits, etc., you will want a 1 hp motor size. The smallest size is around 1/3 hp, which could work for a 1–2-person household that rarely uses the disposal.

Let Mark Johnson & Sons Plumbing in Shreveport help you with your disposal upgrade or new installation. We’ll answer all your questions and more. Just call the plumber’s number: 318-257-6167