Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

Your water heater can make you spend a lot of money on your water bill. Sometimes people do not know what to do to fix that. There are many simple ways to help you fix the cost of your water bill. Some of them might even surprise you. You do not have to put up with a high water bill. Lower your water bill so you can pay less than what you are paying right now per month. I am going to tell you a few different ways that you can save on your water bill. Instead of being surprised at how high your water bill is each month, be surprised on how low it has gotten by doing these simple steps. If you follow them you will not need to call us out to fix your heater. Sure, as plumbers we like to make money, but we are not above saving you money either.

1. Please turn your water heater's thermostat down. You do not have to have it up full blast in order to get what you need. In fact, if you turn it down as little as 10 degrees, you will be able to reduce your energy bill as much as $6.00 a month. It might not seem like that much, but it adds up.

2. The days of having to wash clothes in hot water are over. Wash your clothes in cold water. The detergents these days allow for that. If you wash your clothes in cold water, it will reduce your energy bill as well.

Water Heater4. Take showers instead of taking a bath. The water usage difference between the two is a big difference. If you take a bath, you tend to use up between 12-15 gallons of water. If you take showers, you only use 5-9 gallons. Do you see the big difference there?

5. Don't wash your hands in hot water. You are once again throwing away money. Wash your hands in cold water. It is just as effective as hot water. If you start doing that, you can save $2.00-$8.00 a month.

6. Drips and leaks add to your water bill as well. Many people hesitate to call us to fix any drips or leaks. Don't put it off. Call us to fix them as soon as possible. Even if your water drips once per second, it can cost you $2.00 - $8.00 a month.

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