Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

When you notice the signs of a clog developing in your plumbing system, a smart idea is to remedy the issue before it grows into a larger one. A clog can be truly problematic to contend with, interfering with your ability to use a sink, shower or bathtub in your home until it is resolved.

Even a smaller or minor clog can be annoying, and it can grow into a larger problem over time. Using a chemical drain cleaning product is one way to remove the clog, but it is not the best choice for you.

How Do Clogs Form?

There are different ways that clogs can form. Some clogs form seemingly out of the blue, and these occur most often when a foreign objects washes down the drain. This may be anything from a kitchen utensil to a child's toy. They can also develop gradually with regular use of the plumbing feature. The clog may build in size over time as matter like hair, grease and oil from your body, food particles, soap residue and more all accumulate.

What Are the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?

Chemical drain cleaning products are one solution for cleaning a clog, but they are not effective at removing all types of clogs. More than that, when you use them, you expose yourself to risks. These are very potent products that contain harsh ingredients that are bad for the environment and unhealthy for you. The chemicals can cause a number of health issues that range from skin irritation and burns to internal damage, blindness or even fatality.

What Are Better Ways to Remove a Clog?

If you notice that you are developing a clog in your pipes or drains, a better idea is to contact a plumber for assistance. Plumbers can remove the clog without the use of harmful chemicals, and this is accomplished through either a snake-like device or hydrojetting equipment. Snakes will be used to fish the clog out of the pipe while hydrojets will use high-powered water jets to push the matter through the pipe. Both are safe and effective.Ruston Drain Cleaning

Dealing with a clog is never fun to do, but you do not have to expose yourself to risk to remove a clog. It is better to reach out to a plumbing company to set up service for drain cleaning and clog removal for your property. You can contact a plumber today for an appointment at a time that is most convenient for you.

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