Reducing Your Water Use

In today's society, we have to be very careful how we use our water. That's because we don't want to waste this natural resource. Besides this, though, we don't want to overexert our plumbing system. Thankfully, there are some tips you can keep in mind that will make your plumbing system more efficient. Check them out below:

1. Regular Maintenance

When you bring in a plumber to perform regular maintenance on your system, it will make the whole unit run better. This maintenance should be done at least once a year, as it helps keep every drain on your property flowing properly.

In fact, you'll water will be flowing as well as it did on the day you first had the plumbing system installed. DUring this maintenance, the drain cover will even be removed so that the plumber can check for any clogs.

A lot of items substances like soap-scum and hair can clog up plumbing systems. By getting rid of these items regularly, major backups will be prevented.

2. Update Showerheads and Faucets

Over time, the faucets and showerheads age. When that happens, the water connections, washers and seals will corroder and wear out. This can cause the water to leak out, resulting in a lot of water damage as well as high water bills.

To help make your plumbing system more efficient, have a plumber put in a new tap or at least replace the washers. Besides this issue, an older sink and showerhead can build up lime, rust and soap scum deposits.

As a result, the water flow is cut so that there's practically little to no pressure going on. When you have a plumber fix up these items, the water will flow the way you want it to. A lot of times, though, lime and rust can be hard to remove.

Ruston PlumberFor those times, it may just be easier to replace the old with new fixtures.

3. Low Flow

When toliets start getting older, their efficiency reduces by almost half. In fact, as toilets age, you may see that they're continuously running. To fix this problem, a plumber may need to come in and install a low-flush or duel-flush toilet.

With a low-flush unit, the amount of water used in each flush will diminish. This will get rid of basically any toilet issues your home is experiencing. On the other hand, a dual-flush unit allows you to either perform full flushes or half flushes, depending on your needs.

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