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Common Plumbing Mistakes Can Result in Major Problems

Improper use of appliances, neglecting basic maintenance and attempting
to fix or address even seemingly minor
plumbing problems without the help of a professional can prove to be a very serious and
costly mistake.

Knowing more about the most common mistakes appliance owners make and the
blunders that can turn any DIY project into a much larger problem would
be to your advantage.

There is no substitute for the services of a qualified professional and
homeowners who know when and where to seek professional solutions may
end up saving themselves considerable expense and aggravation.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Relying on Liquid Drain Cleaners to Provide a Long-Term Solution

Drains that are suffering from low water-flow or that have become blocked
completely are often signs of a more serious problem. While a liquid drain
cleaner may provide an effective temporary solution, a professional inspection,
cleaning or even appliance and pipe replacement may be needed in order
to avoid reoccurring problems or issues that may result in permanent damage
to fixtures and equipment.

Unclogging a Drain with the Wrong Tools

Dealing with a drain clog requires a range of specific tools. Using a screwdriver,
wire coat-hanger or other household object to deal with a clog, block
or other problem may do serious damage to appliances, pipes and fixtures.
Working with a professional will ensure that problems can be accurately
identified and dealt with safely and effectively.

Overloading the Garbage Disposal

Treating your garbage disposal like a trash compactor is a recipe for disaster.
The most common problems with disposals occur when they are overloaded.
A clogged disposal can quickly suffer from a burned out motor, and may
require the services of a professional in order to make repairs or install
a new unit.

Knowing When to Seek Help From a Professional

Ruston Plumbing Dangers

Waiting until you are faced with a larger, more serious and more costly
problem to contact a professional can be a very serious mistake. Dealing
with problems on your own or attempting to complete a project that may
be beyond your understanding or require skills and resources that you
do not have can lead to any number of complications and issues that home
and property owners would be wise to avoid.

Seeking assistance from a trained and experienced professional will ensure
that minor issues will be addressed effectively long before they grow
into more serious problems.

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