Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member's Lives

There may be countless things that you do regularly to keep your family safe and healthy, but you may be overlooking one critical task. If you are like many others, you may assume that the water that flows into your home is healthy to drink, but the unfortunate truth is that the cleanliness of your water can change quickly and without notice. Drinking contaminated water can result in very serious health issues or even in fatalities in some cases, and you can easily prevent this from happening by scheduling periodic backflow testing.

What Is a Backflow Device?

In many home plumbing systems, a device known as a backflow preventer is installed in the network of pipes. It helps to minimize the risk of contaminated water from flowing back into the home. Generally, this will occur when the delicate balance of water pressure in your plumbing system adjusts. Water pressure can adjust due to everything from a plumbing leak in your home to an issue with the city water supply, such as a water main leak or a routine flushing of the fire hydrants. It only takes a small pressure adjustment to cause contaminated water to flow backward into your home instead of away from the home. The backflow device is sensitive to these adjustments and will prevent contaminated water from entering the home.

What is Backflow Testing?

The device is designed to work without fail, but all mechanical components will need to be serviced from time to time. Backflow testing is typically performed by a plumber. The plumber will inspect the valve in its current state as well as when a controlled pressure adjustment is made to the plumbing system. This will give the plumber greater insight regarding how functional and effective the device is. If a replacement or repair needs to be made, it will typically be made during the test.Ruston Backflow Testing Services

How Frequently Should Backflow Testing Be Completed?

A backflow test is actually required by law in some areas. If you are interested in learning how frequently to perform the test, you should first learn if testing is required by law where you live. The legal requirements for testing should be a basis for determining how frequently you schedule the test. If a test is not required, a good rule of thumb is to schedule a test every year.

Backflow testing is a simple and easy way to keep your family safe. Water contamination can happen anywhere, and this test will help to ensure that your backflow device functions well when needed.

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