5 Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer days can give your plumbing a workout -- dirty clothes in the washer, picnic remains down the disposal, kids in and out of the bathroom. Keep these five tips in mind to keep your plumbing fresh and clear this summer.

Washing Machines

1. If you haven't replaced your washing machine hoses in three years, now is the time. If your hoses are new, check for bulges, cracks, or leaks. A burst hose can lead to expensive repairs to the house as well as the machine. Minimize any possible damage by running the washer only when you'll be home. Be sure you know where your water shutoff valves are if you need to minimize problems before a plumber can get there.

2. While you're checking your hoses, make sure your washer is at least four inches from the wall to keep hoses from kinking, which can lead the material to crack prematurely.

Garbage Disposals and Drains

3. Hamburgers and corn on the cob roasted on the grill with watermelon for dessert can make for happy friends and families, but the remains can be rough on your garbage disposal.

Corn husks, banana peels, and hard melon rinds can cause clogs or even damage your disposal's blades. Pasta, rice, and eggshells can also cause problems. Be sure to run water through the disposal for a few seconds before and after to make sure all the food bits are washed away.

4. If you absolutely must dump grease from vegetable oils or grilled meats down your drain -- never a good idea -- run cold water at full force for 15 seconds before and after.

Sewer BackupsRuston plumber

5. Leaks in sewer pipes can be acerbated by hard summer rainstorms or even by tree roots, leading to problems for your plumbing. If water backs up into your bathtub after you flush the toilet, this may be the cause. You'll need to call a professional for help.

While some plumbing problems can be solved by using a plunger, some need the attention of a plumbing professional. With a little care and some preventive maintenance, however, you can keep common summer plumbing problems to a minimum and have a carefree, happy summer with your friends and family.

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