How to Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster On Thanksgiving

A Party Turns To Disaster

When everyone comes to Thanksgiving dinner, they rarely worry about the garbage disposal unit. Many just eat and fill themselves and are joyous, but the owner of the Monroe home will have to suffer the consequences of a broken garbage disposal unit. Garbage disposals can easily break after having so much food put into it on Thanksgiving day, and this can truly be a big problem for those who regularly use the unit.

It's well-known that a garbage disposal unit will crush foods and put them down the drain, and if the unit isn't functioning, it's possible for the drain to stop up, and flooding the sink and the kitchen may be a possibility as well.

Avoid The Disaster

Avoiding a garbage disposal disaster is easy enough, but many don't take heed, and then they end up with a broken disposal unit. Keeping the disposal unit working is easy enough, just don't put unwanted things in the unit. Not because a garbage disposal has a hole big enough to fit big items, doesn't mean that anything can go into it. There is even a stopper that helps to keep large objects out, but if the object is heavy enough, it may fall right into the disposal unit.

Never put any kind of raw meats into the disposal unit because it just will not cut them up, and you may have a stinking mess on your hands later on. Bones can't be crushed up in the unit, so never put those objects down there. Avoid putting the stem of a cabbage in the unit because this vegetable is so tough that a garbage disposal unit cannot crush it enough to get rid of it. Any objects that are too tough or made of metal should never be put into the unit either.

Should The Plumber Come Over?

If you are unfortunate enough to get a broken garbage disposal on Thanksgiving day, then there's nothing else to do but to make a call to a plumber. Fixing a garbage disposal unit is something that's very complex, and it may be that the unit needs a complete replacement.

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it's always a good idea to prevent such a disaster instead of having to fix it later. It's always good to have a Monroe plumber's number, just in case the garbage disposal breaks.

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