The Latest Toilet Technologies

Plumbing companies find that they need to adapt themselves to the Ruston market every few years. As the spirit of the industry overcomes western culture, it crosses over into every aspect of life. Engineers are laboring to integrate tech into even the most unexpected places, such as the toilet.

These new and advanced toilet technologies are something that plumbing companies often have to work around and adapt themselves to. Those plumbing companies that have experience with these new innovations will find that more people are inclined to do business with them. But the question is, what are these new toilet technologies?

1 - Thermocratic Toilet Seat

Nobody wants to sit on a toilet seat shortly after another person did. Especially since not everybody has the most sanitary habits and not everybody is as considerate of other people. So if you sit on a toilet seat, you might be a little uncomfortable with the fact that it is warm (indicating that somebody else recently used it).

If you had known, you would have waited a little while. The thermocratic toilet seat offers that amenity. If it was recently sat on, it turns yellow. If nobody has used it in awhile, it turns orange.

2 - TOTO Neorest 600

This small, one piece, tankless toilet will not consume a lot of space in your Ruston bathroom. It also refills the tank silently, so as to not contribute to noise pollution or wake up anyone else if you need to use the bathroom late at night. Speaking of not disturbing others, this toilet is even odorless.

So if your uncle is visiting you, you will not be burdened by any odor he leaves behind if you need to use the bathroom shortly after he does. Your wife will also not have to complain that you forgot to put the toilet seat down, because the TOTO automatically closes the lid after use.

3 - The ComfortSeat (SCS-5000)

Even in our tech-savvy and industrious era, we still have to engage in certain unpleasantly revolting activities. But with the ComfortSeat, that era is beginning to come to an end.

This is an electronically controlled toilet seat that will clean the user after every use with the press of a few buttons. That means that you do not need to use toilet paper anymore. This looks a lot like the toilet of the future.

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