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Saving Money With Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

Many have heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound
of cure.” This adage holds true with respect to
plumbing maintenance for the residential and consumer property owner in this country. The phrase
“out of sight, out of mind” does not bode well in the area of
plumbing fixtures and mechanisms where undetected water leaks eventually
will lead to very costly repairs for the property owner.

As a result, many professional and licensed plumbing companies in this
country offer the property owner maintenance packages for his or her property
on a quarterly, sic (6) month or annual basis for a fixed fee to accommodate
the consumer’s budget and needs.

Hidden Plumbing Problems

Over time, plumbing on one’s home or business can develop hidden problems
particularly if the structure’s water pipes are galvanized. With galvanized
pipes, rust deposits from the metal’s degradation can build up leading
to restricted water flow and even worse, leaks that are not readily found
leading to structural damage and costly repairs.

Rusty pipes can also clog filters or valves in water faucets, shower heads
or toilets reducing water flow and allowing dripping faucets where water
is wasted.

With modern copper piping there is the potential that the “sweated”
joints may fail causing water intrusion into the structure.

Plumbing Maintenance Packages

The conscientious property owner should contact several local plumbing
companies in the locality where the property is located to discuss what
“maintenance packages” are offered, their scope, and cost for
an understanding as to what would be provided. Online research with a
subsequent request for the names, addresses and telephone numbers of past
or current plumbing clients to be contacted by the prospective property
client seeking the services of a plumbing maintenance company should be
requested and freely given by the company’s representative under consideration
for retention.

A typical plumbing maintenance package provides for a plumber to come out
to the contracted property at least once every six (6) months with a “line
camera” to be run through the structures pipes where a video is fed
onto a lap top computer, reviewed and saved for the property owner to
ascertain whether or not there are unknown problems with the structure’s
water lines.

At the scheduled maintenance inspection the plumber can check the valves
and flows of the faucets, toilets, showers and bath tubs to ascertain
water flow and also to conduct a pressure test on the water system to
ascertain if there are any undetected leaks.

By having a preventative plumbing maintenance program in effect, the property
owner is in a better position to prevent water problems arising and to
prevent costly water intrusion repairs.

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