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The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill

We all want to be environmentally responsible, and we certainly all want
to save money on our water bills. So it makes good sense to look carefully
at how we use water in our homes. Your may be wondering, are there things
we can do to cut down on the amount of water we use every day? And the
answer is yes! With the help of a
professional plumber, you can modify water-using appliances in your home to have a lower consumption rate.

The Major Culprits

According to a recent study by the Center for Sustainability and Commerce
at Duke University it’s the toilet that draws most of the water we
use on a daily basis: 27%, according to the study. Some older-model toilets
can use even more, up to 7 gallons every time someone flushes! Imagine
having to carry that much water to the bathroom by hand. After the toilet
comes the washing machine. We spend about 22% of our daily water intake
on laundering our clothes. After that comes 17% for the shower, then 16%
for the various faucets in our home. And little leaks? They account for
a whopping 14% of the water we consume: that’s water wasted!

What Can We Do?

According to the Water Sense Program administered by the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, there are a lot of things we can do to lower our consumption
of water and the size of our monthly bills. Some of these things require
just slight changes in our daily habits, like storing a pitcher of water
in the refrigerator for those times we want a cold drink, rather than
running the water at the sink. Not rinsing off the dishes before we put
them in the dishwasher can save a lot per load, as can filling the basin
when we want to wash our faces or stockings rather than doing so under
running water. And we can put a timer in the bathroom, to limit the time
in the shower.

Other water-conservation changes require a bit more effort. Let’s start
with that toilet. According to the Duke University study, most toilets
in the USA actually require 75% less water to function. Investing in a
new, more responsibly functioning toilet will save you money in the long
run. What about that washing machine? The new high-efficiency washing
machines use up to 50% less water per load of laundry than do older models.
It really pays to look into the savings here, since the washing machines
is one of the work-horses of the household.

Finally, fix those leaks. There’s no excuse for wasting water through
leaky pipes and faucets. Make an appointment with a plumbing professional
to check your home for places where you can save money and do the right
thing, environmentally speaking.

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